ST thinks Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is a light?

Hello all,

I use the google home/assistant combined with ST and for some reason they think that my Fibaro roller shutters are lights, so when I tell google to switch on/off all lights it changes the rollers as well. Anybody know how to fix this?

What is the device called? Try removing it from the Google Home SmartApp. renaming it and avoid anything to do with light or bulb or dimmer in the name. Then add it back to the Google SmartApp.

I do not use the google home app for anything. I only use the device as a mic.

I name the device in ST and I name them Living Room Roller, and Dinning Room Roller, TV Roller etc etc etc… nothing to do with lights. The problem exists in ST, even when I added them to ST, it thought the device was a dimmer… which is not very strange, because technically the roller works kind of like a dimmer.

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Well, a lot of shade drivers are “dimmers”. How else would you be able to adjust how high up they are? You wouldn’t want them just on or off.

And what do you mean “use google home as a mic”? That’s an awfully expensive microphone. If you are interacting with the google home speaker with your voice, you are using the google assistant, whether you know it or not. And the google home app is how you identify your devices to google assistant. Sorry.