ST Hub 3rd gen vs 2gen?

A little perplexed here. I just bought a ST hub gen2. Paid $85.

Set it up last night, was a little slow to see my Honey well Z-Wave switches, but got it working.

Looking for more switches I found ST hub gen3 for $70.

Seems this is the 2018 version, the only differences I can find.

Wifi and Wired LAN for easier placement.
Smaller & more contoured (could be a plus if that’s your thing.
2018 version, must have update hardware inside, can’t confirm. Still Z-Wave/ZigBee.

No battery backup
Only 1 USB port

Anyone used a gen3, are the radios any better? Like I said mine was slow to see devices. I’m new to this so this may be par for the course. I only set up my first 4 devices so removing the hub and reading devices would not be that much work.

I don’t have any placement issues, yet.
Do I need battery backup? I assume it will keep its config should the power go out. I’m not concerned about is working with the power out, nothing will be working.

Are the USBs used at all, what for, and is one enough?

It’s not the $15, I’d rather have the new version. Unless this is one of the cases where new versions are worse because of some limitation I may not know about. The ST app comes to mind. Just started and the app is a mess, the new app seems worse.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


You can probably find most of your answers in the following thread…


Thanks! I was searching Hub v3 Gen3, and not getting there.

which contact sensor do you use with the hub? I use the IRIS contact sensor with the ST ver 3 hub and it keeps losing contact with the contact sensors.

How far away from the hub are the devices? Do you have any zigbee repeaters in your mesh? Is the hub too close to your router? What zigbee channel is your hub using, and is it the same as your router is using? You could have a distance or interference issue.