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Hi @hongtat .

Is it possible for the sonoff thn10 -16 to have the option to choose between celcius and faraneight ?
Thank you

Yes. There will be virtual button.

Unfortunately, due to the Edge platform limitation, it doesn’t allow edge driver to access other edge driver events, it is not possible to implement this functionality in Tasmota Edge. As a work-around, you’d have to use routine/automations to achieve it.

Yes. However, this has to be configured in the Tasmota device and ST app.

Tasmota Edge simply forwards the Temp and TempUnit from Tasmota to ST.
I might be wrong - ST then display based on the ST app (or your location) setting.

In the Tasmota device, use the SetOption8 to choose “C or F”. You will have to configure in ST app too.
Commands - Tasmota

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Hey all, has anyone had any luck with the TreatLife DS03 fan/light controller? I can make it work as a 2 gang Switch with on/off only for both fan and light. I can’t however make it work as a Fan with a light with control over fan speed and light dimmer.

I have a few Sonoff switches on Smartthings flashed with erocm1231’s smart app and DTH with EspEasy and they have performed flawlessly.

I have flashed a few with Tasmota and tried running this Tasmota Edge driver.

The main issue I have is they work but randomly drop off line.

The ones I have flashed are a S20, S22 and a SV.

Any tips to fix these things?

Edit: running 12.11 on them

hi i have the same issue but it seems to be after the internet has been down .

@netsheriff @montyfert

Please make sure -

  • Remove any legacy groovy smartapp and DTH
  • Install official Tasmota firmware and reset Tasmota configuration
  • Static IP address for Tasmota device and ST hub

This is probably the router/wifi issue which affects the ST hub and wifi devices.

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This is a little tricky with the TuyaMCU and unable to support it yet.

Are you using this template? Can you paste the result of http://<tasmota IP>/cm?cmnd=status 0 ?

I have a Sonoff switch with Tasmota 8.5.1.
Do I need to upgrade the Tasmota version for my switch to work with this driver?

I had to upgrade firmware on all of mine to work with this driver.

thanks ive reserved the ip address on my router

Static IP and reset was done as a matter of course.
Smart app and DTH shouldn’t matter as they were running EspEasy. I had no Tasmota connected to the hub.

It seems to have settled a bit after being online a couple of days.

Would it be possible to create a profile for multiple contact sensors, I know i could create the sensor / switch and put a dummy relay on it and it could be made to work. I have configured a esp8266 to have multiple contact with no relay, but now would like to have it integrate back to Smartthings.

This is what I can see in the log for the device{"Switch4"%3A{"Action"%3A"OFF"}} 19%3A33%3A13.450%20RSL%3A%20RESULT%20%3D%20{"Switch4"%3A{"Action"%3A"ON"}}.


Can I have the result of http://<tasmota IP>/cm?cmnd=status 0 please?

{“Status”:{“Module”:0,“DeviceName”:“Tasmota”,“FriendlyName”:[“Tasmota”],“Topic”:“tasmota_174D50”,“ButtonTopic”:“0”,“Power”:1,“PowerOnState”:0,“LedState”:1,“LedMask”:“FFFF”,“SaveData”:1,“SaveState”:0,“SwitchTopic”:“”,“SwitchMode”:[14,1,1,2,0,0,0,0],“ButtonRetain”:0,“SwitchRetain”:0,“SensorRetain”:0,“PowerRetain”:0,“InfoRetain”:0,“StateRetain”:0},“StatusPRM”:{“Baudrate”:115200,“SerialConfig”:“8N1”,“GroupTopic”:“tasmotas”,“OtaUrl”:“http://ota.tasmota.com/tasmota/release/tasmota.bin.gz",“RestartReason”:"Software/System restart”,“Uptime”:“0T20:25:48”,“StartupUTC”:“2022-09-14T14:44:55”,“Sleep”:50,“CfgHolder”:4617,“BootCount”:53,“BCResetTime”:“2022-09-04T16:21:48”,“SaveCount”:174,“SaveAddress”:“F7000”},“StatusFWR”:{“Version”:“12.1.1(tasmota)”,“BuildDateTime”:“2022-08-25T11:33:55”,“Boot”:31,“Core”:“2_7_4_9”,“SDK”:“2.2.2-dev(38a443e)”,“CpuFrequency”:80,“Hardware”:“ESP8266EX”,“CR”:“417/699”},“StatusLOG”:{“SerialLog”:2,“WebLog”:2,“MqttLog”:0,“SysLog”:0,“LogHost”:“”,“LogPort”:514,“SSId”:[“WRT1900AC”,“”],“TelePeriod”:300,“Resolution”:“558180C0”,“SetOption”:[“00008008”,“2805C80001000600003C5A0A192800000000”,“00000080”,“00006000”,“00004001”,“00000000”]},“StatusMEM”:{“ProgramSize”:624,“Free”:376,“Heap”:24,“ProgramFlashSize”:1024,“FlashSize”:4096,“FlashChipId”:“1640E0”,“FlashFrequency”:40,“FlashMode”:3,“Features”:[“00000809”,“8F9AC787”,“04368001”,“000000CF”,“010013C0”,“C000F981”,“00004004”,“00001000”,“54000020”,“00000000”],“Drivers”:“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,18,19,20,21,22,24,26,27,29,30,35,37,45,62”,“Sensors”:“1,2,3,4,5,6”},“StatusNET”:{“Hostname”:“tasmota-174D50-3408”,“IPAddress”:“”,“Gateway”:“”,“Subnetmask”:“”,“DNSServer1”:“”,“DNSServer2”:“”,“Mac”:“A0:20:A6:17:4D:50”,“Webserver”:2,“HTTP_API”:1,“WifiConfig”:4,“WifiPower”:17.0},“StatusMQT”:{“MqttHost”:“”,“MqttPort”:1883,“MqttClientMask”:“DVES_%06X”,“MqttClient”:“DVES_174D50”,“MqttUser”:“DVES_USER”,“MqttCount”:0,“MAX_PACKET_SIZE”:1200,“KEEPALIVE”:30,“SOCKET_TIMEOUT”:4},“StatusTIM”:{“UTC”:“2022-09-15T11:10:43”,“Local”:“2022-09-15T12:10:43”,“StartDST”:“2022-03-27T02:00:00”,“EndDST”:“2022-10-30T03:00:00”,“Timezone”:“+01:00”,“Sunrise”:“06:27”,“Sunset”:“19:03”},“StatusSNS”:{“Time”:“2022-09-15T12:10:43”,“Switch2”:“ON”,“Switch3”:“ON”,“Switch4”:“ON”},“StatusSTS”:{“Time”:“2022-09-15T12:10:43”,“Uptime”:“0T20:25:48”,“UptimeSec”:73548,“Heap”:24,“SleepMode”:“Dynamic”,“Sleep”:50,“LoadAvg”:19,“MqttCount”:0,“Wifi”:{“AP”:1,“SSId”:“WRT1900AC”,“BSSId”:“3C:84:6A:F1:1A:82”,“Channel”:9,“Mode”:“11n”,“RSSI”:86,“Signal”:-57,“LinkCount”:1,“Downtime”:“0T00:00:05”}}}

I might have missed this above, if so, I apologize. Why is there a requirement for version 11 of tasmota? I have a few devices stuck on lower versions because of issues. Is there a specific command needed?

It uses WebQuery, Json and probably other features available in newer version of Tasmota.

What issues do you have on the newer versions? So far, I don’t find any issues with the official Tasmota versions.

I currently use Tasmota Connect and am probably going to migrate to Tasmota Edge. I have buttons and a DW2 door sensor that work with a Sonoff RF Bridge. Does Tasmota Edge support buttons with the RF Bridge?

Not yet. Button remote is on my to-do.

What is your best guess as to when this would be completed?

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I hope to release button remote next month.