[ST Edge] ONVIF-compliant IP Camera Motion Detection & Video Streaming - Testers Wanted!

Interestingly, 4 came back on, but one remains offline.

Hi @TAustin
Is there anything I can do to force it to come back on ?

To be clear, all cameras are working fine in their native ReoLink App. (And they are all the same… E1 Outdoor, connected via Cat 6)

Hi - sorry for not getting to your post from last week…

Typically a device wouldn’t go offline like that unless there was some unrecoverable network error reaching the device.

Have you tried deleting the SmartThings videocam device and having it rediscovered?

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Good Morning… no apologies needed at all ! You have plenty of things on your plate and I appreciate all that you do for the SmartThings Community!

That being said, out of an abundance of caution, I deleted all 5 cameras and discovered them all again.

No rush on this… just wanted to outline the behavior for your review when you get a chance.

Underlying all of this, know that all 5 cameras are Reolink E1 Outdoors, have good network upload/download speeds, and are functioning perfectly in their native Reolink Client App, as well as Blue Iris.

I was able to rename all 5 cameras.

This time, a different Camera (Cam #2) Icon initially indicated orange/“Offline”.
But then came back online within a few minutes later.
I was able to access Settings, input Username & PW, refresh, and it showed “Responding”.

However, 3 minutes later, the Camera #2 Icon was “grayed out”.
Upon clicking it, I receive the message “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”
10 minutes later, the icon became active.
I clicked, assured Username/Password were correct.
Status indicates “Not Responding”.
Info shows the correct IP address.
Clicking Refresh does nothing.
Within a few minutes of clicking Refresh, a popup is seen: “A network or server error occurred. Try again later. OK”

Maybe noteworthy: I had initially added all 5 cameras to the Camera Group in API Browser+ (I know, 4 is the limit in SmartThings, but I thought it would be fun to try :wink: In SmartThings I tried to re-order the cameras, but it removed Camera #2 and enforced the 4-Camera-Group Limit.

I was thinking about deleting Camera #2 then re-adding, but I thought I would leave it “as is” until you’ve had a chance to review and pose any questions for follow up.

Thanks as always!

Hello @TAustin
Could it be possible to integrate Wyze cameras with this driver? I understand that Wyze ecosystem is pretty much closed and that Wyze cams are not ONVIF compliant but hear me out, I personally use the wyze-bridge docker container to control my 6 cameras with the help of your WebRequestor driver.
The wyze bridge creates a local WebRTC, RTSP, RTMP, or HLS stream for each camera in your wyze account, the URL for each stream of the cameras looks like this “” or “rtsp://” with the camera name at the end.

Do you think it would be possible in some way?

-Wyze Bridge

FYI/Update: as to the one Camera in my prior post (being online with Reolink & Blue Iris Apps; but offline with this Edge Driver in SmartThings)…

A simple “reboot” of the offending camera did the trick :wink:

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If they don’t support ONVIF, there is no way I can support them with this particular driver.

Are you just trying to get the camera video stream and not motion alerts?

Video streaming is not working for everyone these days (including me) even with the ONVIF driver and SmartThings is saying they don’t officially support it with Edge drivers. So even if we come up with a custom driver to support your cameras, which sounds do-able, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to view the stream in your SmartThings app.

That said, if you want to pursue it, send me a DM and we can discuss further.

Hello, I just stumbled upon this thread a few days ago. I primarily work with ONVIF cameras, specifically Dahua and Hikvision systems. Currently, I have a Hikvision Model DS-HD1 (also known as NDB313-W) doorbell connected to a Hikvision NVR. The doorbell utilizes a stream encryption key, which is essentially a password for the doorbell. I believe I followed the steps correctly, but when searching using the Smartthings app, I can only find devices like Smart TVs that are connected to my phone, rather than the hub. I tried installing the edge drive manually for ONVIF, but it didn’t solve the issue. Apart from visiting the repository to install the edge driver from the list, is there any step that I might be missing?
Step 1. Pair API Browser to Hub
Step 2. Go to your Edge driver link
Step 3. Enroll hub in your shared test driver Edge channel
Step 4. Install driver ‘ONVIF Video Camera V1’
Step 5. GoTo > Enroll Hub(s)
Step 6. Scroll to > Driver> Install
Step 7. GoTo > Smartthings phone app
Step 8. Select + (Top Right)
Step 9. Select Add Device
Step 10. In “Scan for Nearby Devices” select > Scan.
(optional) Step 11. (If multiple Hub Locations) Select Hub
Step 12. Local supported devices populate (Neighbors Smart TV’s)

First, be sure you have given some time for the ONVIF driver to be loaded to your hub. It can take up to 12 hours for that to happen after you choose to install the driver via the channel link.

Do you have any documentation that confirms that the Model DS-HD1 supports ONVIF? If there is something unique like an additional encryption key that it uses for streaming, it’s likely it would not work with this driver. Regular ONVIF cameras do have a userid and password configured, and this is provided with the stream request.