[ST Edge] Lidl Bulb Zigbee Driver

Originally driver was developed for Lidl bulbs, snd @Mariano_Colmenarejo kept adding support for other bulbs as someone will request, to device fingerprint profile. As much as I know currently following bulbs are supported:

  • Lidl Adjustable Color Temperature 2200-6500K

  • Ecosmart Light Bulb Tunable White 2700-6500K

  • Osram/Sylvania Lightify Tunable White 2700-6500K

  • Sengled Soft White 2700K

This are the ones that i could pick up from this tread. Maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo can add more to this list.

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Hi @milandjurovic71 and all,
This driver was made with the default values ​​from the edge smartfhings libraries. Only some lines of code need added to create driver. This is the driver code:

----- load defaul libraries
local capabilities = require "st.capabilities"
local ZigbeeDriver = require "st.zigbee"
local defaults = require "st.zigbee.defaults"
local zcl_clusters = require "st.zigbee.zcl.clusters"

------ driver template definition
local zigbee_bulb_driver_template = {
  supported_capabilities = {
  lifecycle_handlers = {
-- run driver
defaults.register_for_default_handlers(zigbee_bulb_driver_template, zigbee_bulb_driver_template.supported_capabilities)
local zigbee_bulb = ZigbeeDriver("Zigbee_Level_ColorTemperature_Bulb", zigbee_bulb_driver_template)

I believe that this beta phase should serve to identify faults and propose improvements, as you well do testing and propose.

The default range for the automation display of the colorTemperature capability is supposed to be between 2000k and 6500k, the same as the detail view.
I think it is poorly defined in the defaults libraries and they will have to correct it for when they create their stock driver.

Then, we can add a profile, which also includes the color temperature and others capabilities for each bulb, if it is not within the default ranges. It seems that the custom definition for the automations-actions view doesn’t work either.

I think that the work of manufacturers who want their light devices to work in smartthings will be:

  • Propose to modify the stock driver with their profile or
  • Create a custom driver from the defualt libraries and add device profile and fingerprint and create a channel for device installation. All this can be done in 60 minutes if the default libraries is fine.

Users who want to use non-certified devices and are not in the default or driver stock ranges, will have the possibility of using the tools to modify the profile and fingerprint as has been done so far with the DTHs and share them in the community or on channels.

@milandjurovic71, I am going to create a profile for the ecostmart and silvana bulbs between 2700 and 6500 so you can check if it works.
Thanks for yours comments

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Ok, I was able to replicate the behavior you mentioned, it is not an issue related to Edge drivers as it’s also affecting other integrations. I’ll report it to the corresponding team.

As the range is overridden in the device presentation, it cannot be changed dynamically. In this case, each device should use its own profile with the corresponding presentation. I believe that’s how @Mariano_Colmenarejo is configuring his driver.


@nayelyz i have found something that is happening when I click on temperature presets.
When selecting preset, value always changes for a little bit, for example from 2700 to 2702, from 3080 to 3086, from 4600 to 4608, etc.
This is something that engineers should look into.
Here is the video of two same brand and model lightbulbs, first one being on Edge driver, and second one being on Groovy.
Processing: Screen_Recording_20210928-105740_SmartThings.mp4…

I can not open video