Presentation Bug: ColorTemperature

The action presentation for colorTemperature shows a slider with range 1-30000 in automations, but the valid range in the detail view is 1-6500. The color scale is also mismatched due to this 1-30000 range

Hi, @blueyetisoftware

Is this behavior present using the default presentation or did you create a custom one?
If the last, please share the VID.

In the capability presentation, I see the range is 1 - 30000 in all the views…

This is the default presentation. The presentation does define 1-30000 as you note. It is odd that the details view only shows 1-6500. It looks like it may be a special case that is ignoring the presentation. 1-6500 is the more reasonable choice though, as that is the common range for color temperatures in lighting.

Hi @blueyetisoftware,

The default presentation for automations, conditions, and actions is from 1 to 30000k.
A claim for this was already made at the beginning of edge last October.

To limit it you have to make a vid for each range you want to use.

The problem that remains unsolved is that the custom range does not override the stock range in automation, actions.

I have made several personalized presentations vid for profiles with ranges 2200-4000, 2000-6500, 2700-6000, 2700-6500, depending on the bulb to be matched to the driver.

The other problem that has now arisen is that custom vids, in drivers packaged after May 03 afternoon, are not taken into account and the default is always executed.

They are in the process of fixing it as @nayelyz yesterday said

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Thanks. I have run across this as well. None of the recent custom vids are working as you mentioned.

Ok, I can see what you mean, @blueyetisoftware. I made a test using an ST Schema and the range is not correct in the Detail View. I even set a range of 1-30000 directly in the device config and got the same result. So, I’ll report this to the corresponding team.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo, about changing the range in automation.actions, the correct syntax in the device-config is:

    "component": "main",
    "capability": "colorTemperature",
    "version": 1,
    "values": [
        "key": "setColorTemperature",
        "range": [

I also made the test and it was modified correctly:

Will custom vids work in edge yet so I can try it out?

No, not yet, that’s why I used an ST Schema integration to test it.
As soon as I get an update about the fix, I’ll let you know.

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The custom vid for colorTemperature range works perfectly in automation actions now

Thank you

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