ST Button Acting Sporadic

Good Afternoon,

I’ve been using my ST Button with flawless exaction for a long time. Starting about two weeks ago it seems to be hit or miss whether it executes my single or double tap (only two I have setup). Nothing happens when I try and then a blue light on the button itself will flash.

80% of the time it seems to work perfectly. It activates an automation which triggers a scene. If I go directly to the scene it will execute… Battery is reporting 85% and temperature seems to report consistently with no drops.

Any idea what may be happening?

I had the same happen with one of mine. Put it down to hardware problems but could never get to the bottom of the issues so just replaced it with a cheap Ikea button instead.

Thanks. I have decided this is an isolated incident due to the lack of response I’ve received (or I stumped everyone… LOL!)

I’ll look into a new device as well.