"Speech Synthesis" Device Capability

I’m delighted to see “Speech Synthesis” capability added to SmartThings device capability taxonomy. This opens up the door to adding voice notifications to our smart homes with just a few lines of code. I gave it a shot in Smart Alarm, using VLC Things as a speech device and it worked beautifully.

If I could make a suggestion (or a request) though, I’d like to have an ability to install a “default” speech device at the “location” level, so that all apps could take advantage of it without explicitly adding a speech device to each app. In most cases a home (location) needs only one speech device for “public” announcements, in my opinion.

So instead of mySpeechDevice.speak("Hello World!") you could simply use location.speak("Hello World!").


Mine would continually be saying “recalculating” due to all my hacking. Either that or it would get a severe case of Tourette’s syndrom. Man, that should be a plug-in to the IDE. :grinning:

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After a couple weeks with VLC Thing, I’ve been asking myself “Why can’t I use VLC for notifications from all my stuff?” I hope this becomes the standard.

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