Source code for Hub

Is source code for the ST hub available?
Where can I find the code?


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Why is the source code for the Hub not available?

Because SmartThings has not released it to the public. I wouldn’t expect that they have any plans to do so.


If you are asking if the source code for the hub firmware is open source, then the answer is no. The source code for the hub is not available. What would you hope to do with the source code?

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Might as well ask why the source code for the SmartThings Cloud isn’t available while you’re at it…

Simple: SmartThings is not an open source company. Why would they give away trade secrets if it’s not their business model?

It’s Linux based so I’d assume it would fall under GPLv2 or v3, which would require at least those parts and derivatives be made available in source form.


I’m not an GPL expert, but find that Commercial ventures are usually adept at minimizing what they are legally required to share.

While not Linux, the Philips Hue Bridge, for example, just serves this information page (I presume that SmartThings is obligated to do similar, or less, depending on the exact usage of particular GPL OS and SW)…

Welcome to hue - your personal wireless lighting system. For more information please see our website

Open Source
hue statically links towards unmodified open source software libraries in the bridge software. For instance, we make use of a real time operating system called FreeRTOS which is distributed under a modified GPL license and an open source IP stack called lwip distributed under a BSD license. Links towards all license terms and sources are available below.

FreeRTOS v7.4.2
License: freertos_license.txt

lwIP v1.4.1
License: lwip_license.txt

License: sha_license.txt

OpenSSL AES Encryption
Website: /docs/manmaster/man1/enc.html
License: aesenc_license.txt

Website: JSON_checker
License: jsonchecker_license.txt

UTF-8 Decoder
Website: Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder
License: utf8decoder_license.txt

I would attempt to:
•Understand more of the features and functions of the ST Hub.
•Add new optional features to the ST Hub.
•Port the ST Hub to a different hardware platform.
•Add security to the ST Hub functions


So where can I get the GPL licensed components of the ST Hub source code?

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Which is exactly why they and most companies wouldn’t give it to you and understandably so, they need to make a living too…

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They should not be able to benefit from GPL content unless they live up to the terms of the GPL license that they have agreed to.


I have no idea what GPL they may or may not be using.

And why would ST provide the source code to support this? They do not make any money on the software. The make money by selling the hubs. And you want to take their software and run it on other hardware. How would they keep funding their projects?

So where can I find to components of the ST Hub that are covered by the GPL license?

Should we start an open source project for this?

ST should honor their GPL license requirements without exception.


We are in the process of building a FOSS library page. I have sent your request out to the appropriate parties. If you want to PM me your email address, I will will forward you the list of FOSS libraries in use. The hub firmware is not using based on any existing FOSS project and is not open source.


So what gives you the confidence you & volunteers can build what SmartThings with hundreds of $ millions in funding and staff did? Or better?


Someone did already. It’s called OpenHab. It’s actually really similar to the ST architecture, though different in key aspects

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