Sony built an IoT chip with a 60 mile range

This looks interesting…

Sony is quietly launching a chip that could change how e-bikes, cars, street lamps and all kinds of other connected devices can relay information.

Pre-release, and…

The technology appears to be limited to Japan for now, where Sony recently launched an application program for interested companies.

Let’s see how it does once it arrives.

There are already wide area “IOT“ deployments which are not really IOT. The most obvious are smart meters, which mostly use some variation of Zigbee.

Both the EU and separately the UK are working on legislated standards for inter-operability of smart appliances and to some extent Home Automation systems with the intent of meeting green energy targets over time. These, however, would be an open, government mandated standard.

I expect to see a lot more work done in this area (standardizing out of home communications), but which of these two approaches, or potentially both, will prevail is yet to be seen. :sunglasses:

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