Sonos & Smartthings Labs

Perhaps so! I haven’t experimented with all the Tasker actions, so your Tasker knowledge might be more extensive than mine. However, there’s only a limited number of types of macros you can generate in Macronos; I’m not sure you could find the file you create with the Tasker action.

If you’re referring to the Cloud Sync feature in Macronos, I think that’s just for syncing macros across multiple devices (and backing up your Macronos macros).

no ; that’s not what I am referring to.
I had seen an option in original Sonos app for remote access.
Am I dreaming ?

I’m not familiar with such a feature. I don’t think that’s on the mobile app. Maybe on the Desktop app; I haven’t looked at that interface in a long time.

Let us know if you find it!

Sonos app does NOT have remote access. This is what SmartThings and Harmony bring to the table but both interfaces have issues.

And this also effects Wemo. I hate Wemo.

@matt , thanks for the information. I’ve gone through your method and it covers most of my requirements.
This is a good way.

However, it only works when I’m at home connected to my wifi network, because it needs direct connection to Sonos.

However, if the integration between ST hub and Sonos works, we will be able to control Sonos when we are not at home, right ?

@Fuzzyligic, what you do with VoxCommando does also require phone connection to Sonos ?


One “solution” to the mobile problem is a dedicated device. If you can call that a solution. I run Tasker on a dedicated Android tablet that also runs SmartTiles as a home dashboard. It was a cheap $50 budget variety off Amazon.

Having Tasker running all the time alongside ST presents some options in addition to voice.

it is a good idea. I can also buy a 50$ cheap budget for same usage.
I didn’t hear about SmartTiles before.
Is it running only on Android devices ? And does it have an interface to connect from remote ?

What about a similar solution on Windows ? (I have a windows server running athome)

For SmartTiles, check out the SmartTiles website. It is an excellent browser-based solution for ST control. There are many threads here on the SmartTiles dashboard.

Yes, you can use it remotely, as it has OAuth access and works anywhere you have it installed on a broadband-connected device. I believe it will run on any device browser. I run it on a dedicated Android tablet, as well as on my iPhone and on iPad. I’ve never tried Windows, but I would suspect it would work on Windows in Chrome, since it works on my iOS and Android devices in Chrome.

Although I’m not sure how you would interact with it on a Windows box; it is designed to provide a touchscreen interface.

I understand now. I hadn’t thought that it was a web app.

But I couldn’t understand how you solve the remote access problem with it.
If you install it on a dedicated tablet , you still have the problem to access that tablet.
Of course you can open a port on your modem to access that applet from outside but then how do you control ?

Right; because it is browser-based and talks directly to the SmartThings Cloud, you can run multiple instances, wherever users are located.

but that won’t allow me to control sonos if ST -Sonos integration is buggy. ?

Sorry, maybe I don’t fully understand your use case. What’s the specific application you’re envisioning?

Since we were discussing about alternative to ST-Sonos integration, I am looking for a way to manage Sonos when I am away from home.
How can I do that with SmartTiles ?

Perhaps you want to flesh out what it means to “manage.” If you want to replicate all functions on the Sonos mobile app, making that work would be a substantial undertaking,a and you’re ultimately constrained by what macros Macronos can run.

You could, however, execute specific pre-planned tasks. “Stop” still works (at least for me) in via SmartThings. In case you left the house and left the music on. And suppose you wanted NPR playing when you came home, you could set up a button in SmartTiles that corresponded to a virtual switch you had created in the SmartThings IDE. When you pressed that SmarTiles button, Tasker / Sharp Tools running on a local Android could recognize the change in the SmartThings virtual switch as a Tasker context, and execute a profile/task that would run a Macronos macro to play NPR on your home system.

You could create an unlimited number of buttons in the SmartTiles dashboard corresponding to virtual SmartThings switches for specific events, but they would all need to be pre-planned songs/events/alarms/playlists.

But I still haven’t grasped the use cases for controlling Sonos remotely (other than alarms, which you can do via Tasker as I described). I don’t think Harmony supports remote access either, since the assumption is that you’re only interested in controlling the TV when you’re near it.

thanks. these are all possibilities.
ButIwould really like to be able to conrol sonos from remote.

Please keep in mind that currently I don’t have integration between ST hub and Sonos. (check my first post on this thread)
If I had that , I believe I would be more comfortable.

Btw, there are also usecases to remotely control Harmony.
For example, I have a Sonos connect, connected to my Yamaha AV receiver.
And I don’t keep the Yamaha receiver on that source (audio 1 for Sonos connect) all the time.
So for example, to play something on my Sonos connect , when I am not at home, I need to turn on Yamaha Receiver and set it to audio 1 source through Harmony Hub.