Sonoff - WiFi Wireless Smart Switch

I came across this device and was wondering if it is possible to use it with smart things, or if anyone has already integrated it.

It seems really cheap for what it does, $4.85 right now.

I second the interest, these things look too good to be true. The device appears to be a hobbyist level thing but claims to be able to control 110v @ 10A and connects via wifi, likely wifi-direct via their app as there are no pairing/configuration instructions. If the protocol is also open/secure then I’d clean them out.

I’d be interested if anyone went ahead and ordered one to try out.


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I found this information on You Tube to be very helpful. It was not as confusing as some of the other links.
Sonoff Flash

Have flashed and installed… Switch operates great EXCEPT it will not update the configuration to give me a 1 second momentary closure. Have waited for days… Still no update.

Any ideas?

What if you just go to the web page of the device and set the value there?