Sonoff Light Switch to Smartthings


I have recently had the 3 way sonoff touch light switch installed and all works fine , apart from the linking to the app or smartthings - neither will work

when I go to pair mode it just says connecting and does nothing

I think it has something to do with the wifi conection - i have a bt whole home mesh network in my house which runs on 2 + 5 ghz frequencies - no way to turn off 5ghz

so any ideas how to get this to connect to the smart hub so i can alexa control it

this is the item i have installed -

Since it’s WiFi, smartthings won’t see it (even if it joins your network - sounds like it isn’t joining) but you can use ifttt, ewelink and virtual switches to eventually get it working

Which BT hub do you have ? The hub 6 lets you split 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz (and then turn off the latter) once it’s joined and ewelink can see it, then you can turn 5Ghz on and merge them back

There is custom firmware available that allow you to see local changes on your sonoff on ST.

There’s a newer version of this that is based on Tasmota. Just gotta read down through the tread.


unsure which bt hub - and im not using it anyway - im using bt whole home wifi - the mesh network

is this actually required to get it to work in ST - I thought it was available without having to flash
all I am looking to do is get it seen in Alexa via ST so i can tell it turn the lights on or off - is this not possible without flashing - as it doesnt look reliable after reading some of the comments

AFAIK, even the mesh disc still need a hub of somesort. Which box connects to your phone line ?


i have a virgin hub connected to the mesh - a problem with it is the switch is 1 side of the house and the hub is the other

I see. I still think you need to have a 2.4Ghz only network for the initial join. and I don’t believe flashing Tasmota (I’ve not used it) will help as the switch is based on ESP8266 module which only does 2.4)

ok that might be a problem ill see if i can find an old router and see if it can be connected to it - i read somewhere i would have to set the old router SSID to the same as the network i want to connect it to - get it connected and then turn old router off and then it should reconnect to the network i require - does old router need to be connected to an IP

Yes, the old router would need to be able to connect to the internet to get the light switch registered with the server that ewelink uses. You might be able to use a phone in hotspot mode too.

I tried phone as a hot spot as well - but believe the phone is not using a 2.4ghz connection - got the same message when i tried to set it up anyways

If you want local control over the device that does not rely on Alexa, then you have to flash it. If you are willing to not be able to control it if Alexa is down, then you can use Alexa.

I have the same switch and would like to flash it so ST will see it.

Can someone tell me if this if possible wirelessly or do I need special cables and software to do this?

I’d like some sort of idiot guide if possible!

You cannot flash it wirelessly. This device doesn’t have the Sonoff DIY mode.