Sonoff ESPEasy Flash Problem

(Eugene Di Blasi) #1

I have Flashed my sonoff with the ESPEasy, Once I have completed the action I can no longer get the device to do anything, no wifi connection and the switch no longer works - I have flashed to the device again but still the same result. I am not very tech savie so I am having a hard time trying to understand.please could anyone help

(Roy) #2

I had exactly the same issue just the other day. Then I reflashed using the method described in this post, along with the program settings. Flashed first go, and worked.

(Eugene Di Blasi) #3

The second method in the post is the way I first tried and No LUCK - I am trying to use the NODEMCU but when flashing it keeps flashing messages like required (gpio) and required (wifi), it also shows a message ()…I have no clue what to do from here

(Steve ) #4

Does the green progress bar start moving when hitting flash?
Just send like you’ve not got the Sonoff into flash mode correctly or a pc issue like wrong port selected or incorrect drivers etc.

(Eugene Di Blasi) #5

Thanks Its was not in flashing mode, however now that I have flashed it to the sonoff, I can now use the switch manually but I still cannot seem to get it to connect to the wifi

(Eugene Di Blasi) #6

I managed to get it working thank - it started to show up on the wifi and would drop off again when it would show it would have low signal, so I connected it to the mains (220v) and it was stable and I managed to set it up. Thanx for the help