Something to log device data at specific time(s) each day?

Hi everyone, how’s it going?

I would like to log the kWh reading from an electricity meter I have at a few specific times of day. IFTTT will let you turn things on at particular times, but doesn’t allow for any data logging that I could see (at least not, based on time).

I use the CSchwer log mentioned on the forum to get data every 10 minutes, so that’s pretty close. But it doesn’t capture exactly when in the 10-minute window any given thing in its output row happened.

Am I missing some simple way to capture my main house cumulative kWh six times a day (0:00, 4:00, 8:00, etc)?

I don’t see any way to do it through the Android SmartThings app … it doesn’t have any permanent data logging capacity anyway (just the past 7 days of data).

I’m just wondering if I missed anything. If you suggest another app, I hope it’s relatively simple or it might not be worth the trouble to me, considering I’m already using the CSchwer log.

Thanks if you can help!

You can do this with Webcore. It can log to fuel streams.


You can use this to log it to Google Sheets.