Some items not syncing from smartthings to google home (meross / aidot)

This mess started when liftmaster decided to ruin my garage door opener…

So I went out an bought a meross garage door opener. I installed it and it works fine from the meross app and from smartthings. usually once I have a device set up in smartthings I just tell google to sync devices and the new device in smartthings syncs over to google home. Then I can control that device with “hey google…”

I am just noticing that after telling google to sync devices it doesn’t sync the new meross garage door opener and also it doesn’t sync a couple lights I have from aidot. A bunch of other wifi services sync without issue.

Anyone have any ideas? I would really like to be able to say “hey google, open the garage door”. I know i can connect meross right to google assistant, but then I have to use a pin and I dont want to.

Use a ST virtual switch to control the Meross opener, and then use Google Home to control the virtual switch.


Thanks. I created 2 virtual switches like so:

1 vswitch that is called “Garage Door Open vSwitch”
1 vswitch that is called “Garage Door Closed vSwitch”

Then I made an automation that says if “Garage Door Open vSwitch” is turned on, open the garage door, then turn vswitch off.

I made a similar one for Garage door closed.

This seems to work. But is there a more efficient way to do it? Maybe with just one vSwitch?

Yes 1 virtual switch with 2 ST routines should work.

If Virtual switch turns on, open meross door

If Virtual switch turns off, close meross door

Then use GH to control the virtual switch.

I tried that, but then I opened the door with voice control which turned the single virtual switch on and opened the door. But then my wife closed the door using the remote in her car. This left it in a state were the virtual switch was still on but the garage door was closed. The next time I tried to open the door the switch was already on and it didn’t work.

So I create two virtual switches and set the routines to open the door then “reset” the switch. So the next time google assistant used the virtual switch it would be in the correct state.

Does this make sense or am I making this much harder than it needs to be?

Yes using a remote will probably mess it up. So you approach of using 2 virtual switches probably the best work around.