[SOLVED] Period of Time + No Motion Automation not working after migrating to new smartthings

Hi all,

I see there’s been quite a few problems with Period of Time automations, but after looking through various threads I haven’t found a solution to my particular problem, so hoping someone can assist.

I’ve got a few of these types of automation that involve “Period of Time”, and none appear to be working since migration. For example, i have a “goodnight” automation that i’d like to work as follows (and worked fine in ST Classic)

The time is between 10pm and 4am
and the current Mode is Home or Movie
and No motion is detected downstairs (kitchen/Lounge) for 10 mins

Change Mode to Night
Turn off all the lights
Send Notification
Set Security to Armed

I’ve put a screenshot at the end of post for reference.

I’ve tried deleting/recreating the Automation which didn’t resolve it. If i change to a “specifc time”, then it works, but i don’t want it to activate at a specific time, as obviously we don’t always go to bed at same time. I’d like to avoid using webCORE if possible, as i’m not the only user and it’s a little too difficult for the other user to manipulate webCORE.

Any ideas what could be going on?

I should add i’ve checked the Motion Sensors to make sure they’re reporting correctly, and can see that last night for example, they didn’t detect motion from 21:44.

Edit - Just thinking about it, could the problem be that the motion sensors had already detected no motion for 10 mins before my start time of 22:00 (they’d have had no motion for 10 mins by 21:54)? I wonder… but this was never a problem in the old app annoyingly.

edit 2 - Actually scrap that, as there have been evening’s where motion would not have stopped until after 22:00 recently.

edit 3 - Turns out is was the timings. See my post

The screenie below is the old config that didn’t work, as there was no motion detected long before the 10pm start time of the automation

I have a similar problem with a motion sensor and away mode. I want to have a notification if i am away and the motion sensor is activated, but it triggers even if the current mode is home or night. I assume this might be about a problem with morion sensors working with mode conditions.

Hi did you find a solution to this I’m having the exact same problem.

This is the most likely explanation. We aren’t polling your motion sensors for status at the beginning of the time period. Motion must occur to be “motionless” and both events (“motion” -> “no motion”) have to occur exactly at or after 22:00 (and up until 4:00 next day) for the above Automation to execute.

@randommoz Post a screenshot of the Automation that you’re having issues with and I’ll be happy to have a look.

Hi there, yes it turns out is was the timings :slight_smile:

An example just to elaborate: If your automation is set to activate if motion hasn’t been detected for 10 mins between 10pm and 6am, but there has already been no motion for 10 mins before 10pm, then the automation will not fire. You’ll instead need to accommodate for this situation by bringing the start time of the automation forward or using another automation solution. Annoying given this was so easy in the old app…

Here’s my new Automation which works for me, as we generally head upstairs between 9:45pm and 10:30pm. It does mean though that there will be a few occasions where the automation will not run, if we’ve already been upstairs since before 8pm for example, but scenarios like that are unlikely in my household.

Hope that helps. I’ll update my original post with a 3rd Edit.

That’s great thanks