[SOLVED] Pairing, discovery and device type for a custom Arduino recliner project?

OK, if I understand what you’re saying, you’re building an Arduino device to control your recliner and now you want it to talk to smartthings. Is that correct?

If so, you have to also add an RF antenna to your Arduino device because that’s how the smartthings communication will take Place.

The easiest way to do that is to purchase the smartthings thingshield device which is just an Arduino addon with the antenna. So that gives you the hardware part of it. You will actually be pairing the thingshield with the smartthings controller since it’s what’s doing the RF part.


You still need the software side to manage the communications. There is a community built piece for this called the ST_anything which is very popular.

You may have already installed the thingshield and used the ST_anything device type, I wasn’t quite clear on that…

In any case you can read more about it in the following topic:

If you ask questions in that topic, the author and other makers can probably get you moving along on your own project.