SMS Gateway

Anyone use a mini cost effective gateway at home to notify if items have failed when internet is not available?

For me I get power and BB outages and want to know which. Want to use a PAYG sim in someways. Either a dongle and a docker machine or something

You can actually do this from the ST cloud. If you hub goes offline, the ST cloud still knows about it. So, you can notify yourself from ST if your hub is offline. The problem with doing this on your home network is that if you’re offline you can’t send yourself the notification. And if you fail over to another means of getting online, you’re now back-online so why would it send the notification. If you are using some-type of redundant backup internet, that system should have a way of notifying you that it’s gone to backup mode.

I need to know why it’s down. Is it internet or power. If power I can head home sooner as I have a fish tank that I might need to sort.

The sms would send out if no power. Ups to give enough time to send.

I have a power monitor that I rigged up using an automotive relay, a contact sensor and an 12v wall-wart. Basically, if the power goes out, the relay is cut so the contact sensor opens. My hub, router and modem are on a UPS so I can still get the signal. maybe the same would work for you.