SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Not currently, but this feature is on top of the enhancement list.

Check out my other app that is made for this purpose:


That makes sense, but that won’t work with tiles.

“Ghost Devices” if the official unofficial term for this occurrence. It’s a common bug in SmartThings and is not unique to SmartTiles. It happens when a Zwave device is “excluded”, but some references are left behind.

You may or may not be able to remove that device from your smart app preferences.

If you can’t remove it yourself, the quickest way to fix it is to reinstall the dashboard. SmartThings support has removed ghost devices for some of the other users of SmartTiles, but you will have to wait for them.

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Found the option… Had selected the dimmer as a bulb, and was not getting the slider on the bottom

Would it be possible to add a section for Smart Vents to display a Vent icon along with a slider in the next release ? My vents currently show up a a light bulb/dimmer


If you are brave, check the Dashboard Theming thread. There are tutorials there on changing tile icons.


@625alex will give it a try… thanks

I modified the order of some other tiles. Moved them around. Then I just went to the website and choose to install the Smart Application once again. After doing so I was left with the basic default tiles within the dashboard interface. Then I just needed to go into the smart app on my phone and elect which tiles to show. The " ghost devices" were no longer shown at that point.

So yes this solved the issue although it was a bit of work to accomplish.


Talk to the people upstairs. I’m the little guy.

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Hi, Sorry I am new to Smartthings and smarttiles as well. Although I have been following the thread for a while from time to time. I was wondering if it’s possible to change the colors of tiles based on there state On/Off instead of just the icon getting faded, specially like for presence sensor, green when in blue when out or something like that ?

Welcome to SmartThings and SmartTiles, DJ!

The type of customization you’re looking for is not unusual. The current version can be customized if you are comfortable tweaking CSS. Take some time to page through this Topic for examples and ask your fellow Community members for further suggestions. I think folks have done some very clever stuff.

Official support for the current version of SmartTiles is being rationed at the moment while all efforts are being focused on a new platform (“Version 6”) that will support user growth and feature growth. The new underlying architecture is so different that we’re not even going to predict a release date – indefinitely.


Can you tell me please if I can use Smarttiles in the UK?

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To the best of my knowledge, currently the answer is no, due to SmartThings’s ongoing issues with external applications in the UK (including IFTTT, and others).

It doesn’t hurt to try! :arrow_right:

If anyone in the UK is having success with SmartTiles, please let us know!


im able to use SmartTiles in the UK but i have a US V1 Hub . . . no idea about V2 EU hubs mind you . . .

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Great, Thanks. Love this community and everybody’s enthusiasm to explore as well as to support others. I’ll look into tweaking CSS, hopefully I can learn and customize quickly.


I tried looking through the thread to see this, but didn’t.

If I install via OAuth, it only allows me to select one hub. Why is that? How can I pick additional Hubs?

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You’ve run into a weird SmartThings limitation (bug?) that affects all external OAuth SmartApps (including IFTTT, The Ubi, SmartTiles, etc.): only one install is permitted per SmartThings Account, rather than per Hub or per Location (the Location selection drop down box is only applicable / functional, for the first attempt to install or if that instance is completely uninstalled).

This is due to way that references to the shared SmartApp object are handled internally by the SmartThings platform. It doesn’t generate unique install references at the Location level.

Please raise this up as an issue to, but I please use IFTTT as the example, because SmartTiles is not supported by SmartThings. To replicate the problem with IFTTT you need to create a second IFTTT Account and attempt to link it to your second Location/Hub. You’ll encounter the same problem.

There’s an existing Topic thread on this:

Version 6 of SmartTiles (under development, no release date published) will likely implement a workaround for this problem if SmartThings hasn’t fixed it by then. Support for multiple Locations is on the planned feature list and we have some ideas of how to do it. (Multiple Locations/Hubs per Account are relatively rare, so this is a lower priority than other features.)

how where you able to get the video to work on android I have not been able in my home pc yes but in the tablet i want to mount in the wall no

Hey @deano12, I can confirm it works in Canada. Nice to meet another one of us. :wink:

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If you can get a Video Stream URL to work in a plain standalone browser tab, then that URL will likely work inside a SmartTile. It is essentially just an iframe.