SmartTiles and Rule Machine

I have removed most of my routines and created rules to replace them. The one thing I’m missing is the ability to run routines from SmartTiles as the “Hello Home” is now empty. I assume I have to create a virtual switch that can exist in ST and then attach it to a new rule that will run an existing rule when true/false happens. I have looked around but don’t see where the code is for a generic virtual switch, anyone have a link?
If my thought process is wrong on accomplishing this please shout loudly and bring out the coloured crayons :smile:
PS I want to do the basically same thing with the new DSC integration as well, I want Alarm/Disarm to appear on the ST screen for easy access.

If that’s all you want, then I suggest to be patient for the next little while and stay tuned for announcements.


Yeah I knew that was missing from ST and assumed that was probably on your to-do list :wink:
I did find another threads that says use a Simulated Switch as that is the same thing so I’ll give that a whirl for the ST Hello Home/Rule Machine integration idea.

Can’t seem to find a virtual momentary. I tried button but that doesn’t show up in ST. Suggestions on creating a one touch tile?

Does this help?

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Thanks, was there already. I did some more Googling and found someone with momentary device code. Created it and put it into ST, all good now. I have a push button to run rules :smile:

What do you mean, “empty”?

Hello Home is now officially called “Routines” and SmartTiles just renamed the Hello Home Tile accordingly…!

(Though if SmartThings had just waited for Adele, they would have named it “Hello. It’s me.”. :notes:)

What I did was remove all my “Routines” and implement them in RM. Doing that leaves you with no access to runs rule from the ST app or SmartTiles.

What is “RM”??? Can’t you trigger RM from a Routine?

RM is Rule Machine. I think @daven is looking for a way to have the rules from rule machine show up like a drop down on SmartTiles.

Oh… Not a bad idea; but it’s a leap for SmartTiles to support any or every arbitrary Community Developed SmartApp out there, especially those not yet in the Marketplace (it isn’t in the Marketplace, yet, right?)…

But if Rule Machine gives us some hooks to call (other than Virtual Switches, please?) to find all the triggers so we can build a "***Trigger a Rule*** Tile", then we’ll be on our way there…

Possibilities include @bravenel supplying a Rule Machine Trigger Virtual Device creator (gee… that calls for a new Capability!), and/or exposing a Web Service (REST-API Endpoints) for SmartTiles to query and call…


Excellent Idea! Rule Machine and SmartTiles are the two best apps on ST platform according to me. But I agree that it will be better if these apps get officially approved by ST. @bravenel are you planning to do that? Submit Rule Machine to ST for review?

None of this is going to happen. It’s not possible to link between SmartApps other than through some kludge using a device intermediary. Making Rules accessible to SmartTiles doesn’t make sense to me. SmartTiles doesn’t give you access to Smart Lighting, or to any other app. It gives access to devices.

Rule Machine has been submitted, but that process is broken. Don’t hold your breath!

Edited to add, seeing the whole thread: Routines have a special seat in the ST pantheon. They are lame SmartApps that get to have location events and access through location. No other app has that status. None of that functionality is available to ANY OTHER APP!

I now have 5 momentaries in my SmartTiles. 2 arm and disarm my DSC Alarm and 3 run rules in Rule Machine on demand. I created a new SmartTile child called Routines and linked the URL into the main page.

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May be its time for you to add a 3rd item along with Rules and Triggers… .something like “Actions”. …just sayin… :smile:
Actions can be external triggers which will only execute on external triggers … either through REST API or some other way. You can always have the Actions show up in your Rules Machine and Trigger App. Not sure if this is feasible or makes sense…but just throwing it out there…

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But, this would be an extension to the ST architecture. How would you pull that off? We need them to make these types of extensions. If they ever do, odds are it won’t resemble anything we might actually dream up.

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Well… Routines have a “trigger tile” built right into the SmartThings native mobile App.
And, based on this thread, some folks are starting to use Rule Machine as a replacement for Routines.

Perhaps someday SmartThings will offer Events similar to those that trigger Routines for general use; but in the meantime, the choices are custom “Trigger” Devices (virtual momentaries), which really ought to be put into the Marketplace along with Rule Machine, and/or REST-API web services endpoints (which are already included, for example, in the Marketplace published “Smart Alarm”).

Lookup the code to Smart Alarm

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If you need a switch that can always be turned either “on” or “off” at any time there is another switch in that directory, though it’s misnamed. I use it so that I can turn on/off individual/groups of lights whenever I want without regard to what was already on. For instance, I have living room lights, kitchen lights, and dining room lights all individually switched (with virtuals), but I also have a virtual switch that groups them. Since they are all virtual momentary double pole (again mislabeled), they normally sit in a NC state. I can turn “on” living room lights, then turn “on” all lights, then turn “off” kitchen lights- or whatever sequence I want regardless of what the current status is.

The GUI part of that switch is messed up though, but since I don’t use the GUI for those virtual switches (I use them with Echo), I haven’t bothered to fix it.

routines for me and many others seem to work fine when triggered manually. just not well when triggered internally via thing start happening etc or whatever.

I have left my routines and just have rule machine call them and have no problems with all the stuff occurring.

This is actually pretty simple with Rule machine and Rules + a REST API. I am in the middle off adding a REST API to Rule machine to make this work. Basically exposing some endpoints in Rule that allows the manipulation of the state and then endpoints to list capabilities, triggers, etc. I MVP’d it and it works fine with my own custom dashboard I created with React, so it can work with Smart Tiles.

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