SmartThings Zigbee Smart Button wireless

Hi there,
which wireless smart button do you suggest to buy that works properly in smartthings to add scenes and actions?
Please consider only buttons with 3 or more buttons so no single buttons and no double buttons, also if you could add multiple scene by double press or long press.
I’m looking for 3 or more buttons.
Many thanks

The IKEA remote have 2 short and 2 long press buttons and work well for running devices and scenes. I have heard that they get through batteries but to be honest I have no problems.

Lucky you!


hey I don’t know, but FYI this (zigbee) one is def a turkey (bad, stupid, don’t do it) .

Zigbee HA Wireless 3-Button Switch, $49.99, ## ZBWS3B – Model # 4037A

My history with it is old, but deeply disappointing. I guess that may be evident. 5+ years ago, no battery%, short life, no LED status. Perhaps it is better supported by another hub, or better now.

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