Smartthings with Aeon Labs Smart Energy monitor?

Similar to this thread, which got derailed with discussions about a different but similarly named Aeonlabs product, when will Smartthings support these energy clamps?


I just ordered one today and in the comments on amazon people said it worked with Smartthings. Once I get it this week and install it I will report on my experience with it.

i can verify that it works with SmartThings. Once it pairs, you may have to go to the IDE to select the Aeon Home Energy Monitor directly.

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Awesome thanks! Does it support usage charts?

Well, not through ST as it stands how. However, you can use Xively which will pull the data and provide charts for you as needed. It takes a bit more to setup as I was not a user of the service. But, it was not hard at all.

Well for some reason my clamps are tuck at 474W. I think it might be due to a recent FW update in ST so I’ll unfair and re-pair. Just irritating because I need to expose the 208V 200A guts of my fuse box to access the pairing button.

I have been waiting for over 2 weeks now for the free dev account from them to be able to chart my consumption and still no reply from them :frowning: is there any other service that could be used?

This is probably way late, but just found out that Xively is no longer giving free dev accounts. They have changed their model and services to paying Enterprise users.

Another option would be ThingSpeak (

Hope this helps