SmartThings vs Iris Motion sensors for use outdoors?

Looking for ZigBee motion/multi sensors. I’d like to tuck them under the eves outside to turn on outside lights. Would like the one with better distance, and preferably not false for small animals (raccoon size).

  1. Which one has better reliable range?
  2. Which one is better for ignoring small animals (I suspect 1 and 2 will be opposite :wink: )?
  3. Which one has better battery life?
  4. What other sensors does each have?
  5. Which one would be better suited for outdoors but not directly exposed to rain?
  6. Any other ZigBee motion sensors to look at?

I think you’re likely to be very disappointed in any zigbee or Z wave motion sensor used outdoors in this way. You’re going to get a lot of false alerts unless you set them up as a zone using Mike Maxwell zone manager. You can try it, but most members have not had good luck with this use case.

The best outdoor motion sensors for this kind of use are probably the ones that are built into one of the outdoor cameras.

I have a ST motion sensor on the ceiling of my front step pointing straight down. The ceiling is about 9ft high. I have it in front of the light. From there I get visibility out to about 15-20 foot from the door. Enough that walking up the light comes on well before you knock. Yes get a few false positives. But its not horrible. There is a neighbor kittie that would set it off a lot, or a rabbit. The weaker the batteries the worse it is it seems. But battery lasted about a year, just replaced it a week a go and I think it was my first sensor I bought.

Is it perfect, nope. Does it turn the light on when people come up, yup.

You can see the sensor in that pic. And from about that distance it would turn the light on. Also my crappy power solution for the osram gardenspots…with the zwave and power converter in that black sprinkler box there.

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I think ‘tons’ of false alarms is a bit over blown. There at the very end of its battery life it was giving one every 30mins… But thats battery related. During the summer I’d get one a day… 11:30am, when neighbor kittie walked by. I’m fine with that.

But I have actually lived with this for a year. This is not conjecture. I could probably improve it a bit with some masking of the sensor. But cats/rabbits hug the wall when they walk by so nothing I do will make a difference I believe. Its mostly for light automation and basic monitoring of ‘oh crap a package was dropped off’. It is 100% acceptable for me.

I’ve had a fibaro motion sensor outside for almost a year with no issues. I’ve reduced the sensitivity down to only detect larger objects and I’m pretty happy with it to be honest. Mine is under a porch canopy so doesn’t get very wet but is totally exposed to the cold and wind. I even adjusted the sensitivity back up at one point so that I catch that cat who decided to poop on my doormat on a regular basis last summer.

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