Smartthings v3 schlage BE469ZP not receiving push notifications

All works except for push notifications when lock is locked or unlocked.- From iphone can lock and unlock - also with Alexa voice. I

Which version of the app are you using and do other push notifications work?

The smartthings app on my iphone is V

I don’t have any other device linked in just the Hub and the Schlage.

The lock is showing under the living room

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Cheryl Mehaffey

There’s two distinct versions of the end user app- does the app icon look kind of like a flower or a blue circle? (I’m guessing the flower but…) The reason I ask is where things are are completely different between the new (flower) and old (circle) apps. If the lock is locking, unlocking, and reporting state in the app correctly I suspect it’s a notification issue, not a lock issue.

It is a blue circle in the middle with 5 blue circles around it. :blush:

I suspect it is an app thing not notifiying me as the lock is working.

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Cheryl Mehaffey

Are you getting other notifications and just not the lock notifications?

The only device I have linked in is the lock. No notifications. I do get notifications on my iphone for messages etc . Nothing from smartthings or schlage. I changed the app to the one with the big circle instead of the flower app. Still no notifications.

Okay so it’s one of these 3 things depending on your setup

  1. You can setup a rule to notify you (doesn’t matter), this is to test if your SmartThings app is sending you notifications (assuming you’ve checked your iOS settings and push notifications are enabled)
  2. If that’s working, then you may need to add a buffering device between your hub and lock, a common issue where the event doesn’t reach the hub due to the nature of the mesh and lock
  3. You may need a SmartApp like LUM which allows you customize notifications for users, lock/unlock etc events

Go to the side menu (three bars in the upper left of screen), click on settings (the cog) and select Notifications. Make sure notifications are enabled and also enabled for the lock in the list :slight_smile:

Notifications are turned on. Thx. Both within settings on the iphone and the device in smartthings. How do I set up a rule? I shall look at LUM. I also rebooted my phone but no difference.

Ok, found it under Rule. Went to the lock and the settings. Thank you!!