SmartThings Text-To-Speech for Sonos (playText) not working?

Stringify supports TTS through Sonos via SmartThings as well.

Is the Android version out yet?

I’m having custom TTS that I set up post ST caching suddenly working.


Wow, I was just able to add a custom Sonos speech to text app. They might have fixed TTS!!

From you lips to developers ears… please :slight_smile:

I can confirm TTS is fixed. I just used Rule Machine to run a custom Sonos command also.


Yep TTS is working here also, What i really want next is to change that annoying US voice for a UK centric, preferably Male voice a.k.a. Jarvis

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So in every app I have using this (Mainly Rule Machine) It works perfect except in the kitchen. The kitchen TV is listened to over a Line In Source from another Sonos device. For whatever reason the source doesn’t get put back to the Line in. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

Known issue, and it’s because the Sonos doesn’t report the fact that the source is line in. If you search the forums for Sonos Playbar, you’ll find details.

Thanks. Frustrating for sure :slight_smile: I put our outside/moveable Sonos 1 in the kitchen today to get around this. Going to have to do some playing but I think it is broke till Sonos makes a Line able to be added to a playlist or favorite.

Sonos is working on a new API, hopefully, that will address this shortcoming.

Do you have any details on the API release and integration with ST? I cant seem to find anything concrete.

Wow - I really wish that my Amazon Echo could do Text to Speech. That would be awesome. I’d buy a few extras if it did (hint, hint Amazon).

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And my house is quiet once again, is anyone else’s too?

it was working earlier this morning, but I can confirm it is no longer working for me

All my speak text functionality to my Sonos R1 and R3 via CoRE started to fail after the issues earlier this week.
I deleted and reprovided them last night and they all worked ok when tested.
Will try them again.

Just tested one and it works OK.


It appears that it is just custom (new) TTS that is not working because they hit a monthly limit. Should be resolved tomorrow according to the email I got.

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Last day of the month and TTS is not working again. Guess we hit the monthly limit again?

Don’t forget Cached TTS will work - but new TTS like weather reports that change daily, won’t. Assuming the monthly limit is the issue again

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Same issue with me as well…