Smartthings system works when wifi is down?

Anyone know if the smartthings system will work if wifi internet is down? Of course that it will not work if I am not connected to the modem because I am not at home but if I am will it still use local network and work as normal or it will always need internet conection?

It depends on the smart apps you are using for automation. Most are cloud-based, so they are reliant on having an active internet connection. There’s a small handful of smart apps that run locally, those would continue to function if your internet/wifi was down.

Thanks. Is there a list of cloud-based and non-based apps you could share? I am wondering if I buy a door lock system and this is cloud-based and my internet is down then I will not be able to open the door…

Here’s a good thread to read through that explains a bit…

Thanks for the info. In case wifi is down I guess I could connect the smartthings hub to my mobile hotspot as alternate temporary solution right? Or I need the modem?

ST hub only support direct network cable connection.

Not sure what is meant by "wifi is down"
If my wifi is down my hub still works fine because I don’t have any wifi devices, it’s all zigbee and zwave.
The hub is connected to the internet by wire, in my case.

Or do you mean “internet is down” ?

Sorry yes I meant internet is down. For the responses I have received looks like the hub does not use wifi but instead uses wired conection to the modem so looks like no possible to use alternate internet source. Do you know any plan for smartthings to move from cloud to local?

Smartthings does have limited local processing. You can check which devices and SmartApps are qualified with your system here. Only SmartApps that’s working with local processing is smartthings smart lighting.

Your local devices

Your local smartapps

Edit : here is a community created list of devices qualify for local processing

There’re no such plans. SmartThings will always be dependent on the cloud. They stated their intention to expand local execution in the future, but refuse to provide a specific timeframe. FWIW, nothing has changed in the past year.