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SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27

(Dominick Barile) #104

I had the same problem with my wife,s phone…an iphonw. I had ro invite her from my phone & it worked fine after that.


(jkp) #105

android or iOS? you tried force quitting the app and opened it again?


(Ed Meredith) #106

I’m the only one using ST in my house and it’s only on my phone.


(Ed Meredith) #107

iOS and yes


(jkp) #108

last thing to try - delete the app, do a fresh install and log back in


(Joey) #109

Well I’m fairly new to st, got it all up and running two weeks ago and just got used to it. Was actually quite pleased until this gross disgusting new update came.
It’s terribke and hard to sort the order. I fact devices screen won’t let you sort other than alphabetical . That’s idiotic.
Also, after I added all my devices to one room, I sorted the order back to the way I wanted and every time I open the app, the order goes away. Why do we need rooms anyhow, I don’t want more layers I want to see everything in one screen. It also forces the tvs to the top even though that’s what’s used the least for me.
Is there any way to go back?
They took a good app and made it a lot worse, thanks a lot.
It also doesn’t remember the wallpaper so every time I open it I have to see that stupid plant ?
Last complaint for both versions, why on earth does it have to ask me to turn on blue tooth every time I open the app? Maybe I don’t want Bluetooth on? What’s wrong with these people ?


SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta
(Derek Morais) #110

When changing HVAC modes on Ecobee I get this code pop up. It works but I’m guessing this is because the app is in Alpha phase?


(Jimmy) #111

I get the same thermostat error with my z-wave thermostat.


(A B) #112

I NEED help. I had My SmartThings app working fine, with 3 devices connected till the iOS 1.6.27 update 2 days ago. Today I opened up the app to see just the name of the location of the hub, but NO devices showing. There is a blank screen under it. History shows last activity noted on Sunday at 8:49AM.

I am 10,000 miles away right now and cannot go to my place to reconfigure perfectly connected and working devices. I have a Schlage connect lock, a Ring doorbell, a Nexia thermostat, and Wyze cameras. I can Directly control Ring, WYZE, NEXIA through their respective apps, but the Schlage lock not showing up is worrisome for me.

At least if I can get the Schlage Connect to start appearing in the devices again, I’ll be content.

What can I do? Can anybody please help.


(Jimmy) #113

Install the Classic app and use it. Then email support about the new app issues.


(A B) #114

Thank you. Installed the Classic App, and am connected to the Schlage connect lock. You are a lifesaver.


(Jeff H) #115

I don’t want to be forced to put some devices in rooms. So I cannot get past the popup. Is there anyway to dismiss the popup without assigning the devices to rooms?


(Mike) #116

Exit app, re enter, hit 3 lines on left top, tap rooms, top right hit + symbol, scroll to bottom of list, create new room, call it unassigned room, next time you are asked to add devices to rooms by app, use the new room called un assigned

Im sure in time the devs will deal with this properly but for now that works

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(Dominick Barile) #117

Well i have 2 bugs in the new app. First one is it doesnt give pm times in the notification, everything is am & the second is a simple 2 motion triggers turning on a light didnt work. Im gonna scrap all the automations i setup & redo the old app. I am liking the new app & dont mind using 2 apps for the rime being but in this case ill wait.


(jkp) #118

I believe your spelling is a little off today :slight_smile: I am finding it a little difficult to understand what you wrote.


(Dominick Barile) #119

Sorry. Ill correct it. Its because of the screen protector on my phone.

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(Mike) #120

How many layers you using ! :eyes:


(Dominick Barile) #121

Only one. I have a note 8 & with the zagg protector its a nigtmare typing on it, but ill sacrifice with typos instead of cracking my screen. A good few times i dropped my phone & no cracked screen. I hope i didnt jinxed myself…lol.


(Mike) #122

I understood you prefectly Dom, its just jkp being fluffy… no screen profector, just a lisp :smile:


(Dominick Barile) #123

I know its all in good fun.