Smartthings plugs no longer working:(

Noticed my zigbee network had issues and both my samsung plugs (6A-PL-Z-KO) no longer work, even removed 1 and re-added.
The logs show the last time they recorded something was the 28th May.
Anyone else having problems with these plugs??

The manual on/off button on the plug works and the edge driver in use is “Zigbee power switch MC”

I do have that every now and again with my aqara humidity/temp sensors.
A simple re-add gets those running.

But these 2 plugs will not reconnect at all, even removing device and re pair it wont work.

I rely on these two plugs to push the zigbee network around as well as 2 repeaters as well

There was a problem with the installation of a version at the end of May in some users.