SmartThings Outage - Jan 03 2018

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Are we really not going to get an explanation from SmartThings on the reason for such a serious outage? Its been 4+ days since the outage, and 2+ days since its been “resolved” on the status page… Can we please get an update on root reason on how the company is mitigating it for future?


Agree. Came back to this thread in the hope we’d have an explanation.Smart Things staff where are you?

Overall my system has been completely stable, so this was for me a small annoyance. (I’ve tried to ensure that there is a physical back up for everything and tried to use locally running handlers and smart apps).

JD Roberts is once again very helpful in suggesting strategies and plans. At this stage in the evolution of smart home applications we need to realize this is necessary - even when they appear to be consumer friendly and marketed to non geeks.

Agreed. My house was down and possesed for over 20 hours and not even so much as “uhhhh… sorry 'bout that”


They are following the latest trend in USA personal behavior. “Never admit to making a mistake, never apologize when you are caught red handed”. What you experienced was the system being “improved”


My ST is down again.

Everyone use the current thread posted above.

This for the last outage.


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