Smartthings not communicating with google or Alexa after 6/13 update US Location

Can’t operate various lights and such after update. Rebooted Hub, no improvement. Api Home location showing wrong sunset/sunrise info also.

Stuff is broken all over the Internet right now because of an Amazon web services outage. It may not be related to what you’re seeing, but it makes it hard to diagnose anything. You may just have to wait until the AWS issue is fixed and then see if you still have problems. :thinking:

Amazon Web Services Outage affecting many integrations 13 June 2023

if you are referring to the legacy IDE… that info is no longer updated

Yes, old IDE. Been a long time since I had an issue, things have been running smoothly for years. I think I went to the new interface once, don’t even recall the web address.

with the end of the legacy IDE approaching, you may want to consider using the community developed tool: API Browser+


Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

Thanks, went to the update IDE get error message about reinstalling strongman IDE when I explore various settings.

You may need to provide more details because I am not sure what that means. screenshots help as long as you don’t include info you don’t want exposed.

Got the same in Sweden…

Asking Google a thing regarding ST Just answers “can’t reach ST at the moment”

I get this:

what are you doing or clicking on when you get that error? what section are you in?

I was exploring a setting I have to turn the garage lights on if the motion detector senses motion.

only thing I can say is the legacy IDE is in the process of being discontinued. All groovy smartapps have been shut down. DTH can longer longer be edited. So possible you are getting the error for something that is no longer fully functional. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Ok, thanks. I will have to explore things a bit more later, we’re kind of getting off topic. I was looking at that one setting in the updated my.smartthings window since it quit working a while ago. Will move to a different topic when I get to work on re enabling it.

I noticed an Alexa outage about 9:30PM EST. Couldn’t control ST devices, but it couldn’t even tell me the time as well, so I presumed it was an Amazon outage. Left it alone for 15 minutes and everything returned to normal.