Smartthings Hub v2 vs. Harmony Hub Extender

Looks like they can do motion sensors and open/close sensors. But no notifications. And I’m not really sure about the open/close sensors, because all the links they gave me were for SmartThings.

I have had both motion and contact before, as it was the only way to use my Lutron Caseta switches with SmartThings sensors (other than IFTTT). They don’t have notification, that’s true.

Does the Harmony phone app still work on WiFi if the Internet is down? Or did you never try that?

They told me it would and referred me to one of their forum posts, but it was a little ambiguous.

That’s bogus, because the hub doesn’t work. I didn’t try it personally, but I cannot imagine that it would. Afterthought…the RF devices could be operational from your phone app, if your phone switches to 4G (or your phone has RF transmitter antenna).

Are you sure? There are people using harmony in RVs who have Wi-Fi but no Internet connection. You need Internet connection to set up the account the first time, but I think after that it will run locally.

No home automation runs if the internet is down, I experienced that. It must be the RF that’s working for the AV devices. Most phones are equipped with RF trnasmitters.

I am talking about the regular hub, not the extender. That would be awesome if they implemented local zwave/zigbee functionality.

I’m also talking about the regular hub. Based on both their formums and official support responses, it will work in an RV that has Wi-Fi without an Internet connection once you have the account set up. But you need the Internet connection for the initial set up.

I just don’t know if the phone app also works locally.

What do you mean by that? i can’t fire harmony actions from my ST app… what am missing?


Probably the information in this FAQ. It works very well, many of us are using it now. It’s an official integration, you just have to get the smartapp from the marketplace section of the SmartThings mobile app:

Perfect thank you very much!

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Hi Bobby, could you point me in the right direction as to how you got both hubs running together? I can’t seem to figure it out. thank you so much in advance!

The Harmony connect should be able to discover both,Harmony hubs. From there, you will be able to use the activities from both Harmony hubs. If you are talking about the Harmony side, you can add ST to both hubs. What is that you cannot get it to work?

A number of people have reported in the last two weeks that they have been unable to add additional Harmony hubs to SmartThings. They can add the first one, and ones that were previously added still work, but they can’t add a new second one. This appears to be a new bug, but it’s unknown how many people it’s affecting.

Report it to

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i was able to add the Extender, it was detected my harmony hub. Pretty much my biggest question is, how do you have it communicating with smartthings? i dont know if i should be clicking on Add/pair pair it with Zigbee and Z-wave devices? Join Existing network? thanks for getting back to me, really appreciate any sort of insight.

Please read the posts at the top of this thread. You use the extender instead of using SmartThings. Not together.

if you have smartthings, you associate your sensors, etc., with it and use it instead of the Harmony hub extender.

Each Zigbee device can only be associated with one coordinator, so you have to choose, harmony hub extender or smartthings. Not both.

If you are just asking how you associate the harmony hub (not the extender) with the smartthings hub, that’s a different topic for a different thread.

Hi @spongebob535.
There is a Logitech support page on how to setup the Harmony Hub Extender with SmartThings: click here
You’ll have to drill down the options until you see “How to join your Smatthings network”

Here is part of the test in case you have trouble finding it:

How to join your SmartThings network

SmartThings supports both the Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless technology.

Z-Wave devices can be controlled by both Harmony and your existing SmartThings hub at the same time by joining the existing Z-Wave network. Joining instructions are included below.

Zigbee devices can only be associated to one home automation hub.
•You may add them to Harmony and loose control from your existing SmartThings hub.
To do this, first following the below instructstions to first join your Z-Wave network, and then pairing any ZigBee devices. Once ready to pair, find your device in our compatability list and follow the instructions found under ADDITIONAL HELP.
•Or, keep them paired with SmartThings and do not associate them with Harmony.
No action is required, and following the below Z-Wave join instructions will not effect your ZigBee devices.

1.To join your Z-Wave network, select SHOW ME HOW.

2.Select JOIN EXISTING NETWORK and select your existing hub name. If your hub is not listed, select OTHER Z-WAVE NETWORK.

3.Harmony is now in joining mode and is waiting for your existing SmartThings hub to send a join request.
Follow the steps typically used to add a new device to your SmartThings hub.

4.SmartThings will acknowledge a new device has been added. Return to the Harmony mobile app. It will take several minutes for Harmony to collect information about each device on your network and will take approximately 15 seconds for every device you have in your network.


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See JDs response. If you are using extender, than you don’t need ST. If the Harmony hub (s) is what you are tryi g to work with, then also see JDs response above regarding the issues adding a second hub. If you have other probles, please detail.

thank you for the help! I’m so new to this, trying to wrap my around around it!

thanks a million! i’ll give it a shot