SmartThings DSC/EnvisaLink Integration [DEPRECATED]

Happy to help you all figure it out. Just let me know if you need any info from my device or eyezon account.

Actually if you could please check the “version” field under “i” (i.e. information) button. It’s showing 130 for mine. Curious what you have, and if this something that the system bases the request format on.

in order to complete this do i need to have a smarthings hub? also once I have this set up as i will be using this with an amazon fire tablet running on action tiles mounted to the wall if i disarm the alarm will i be promoted to enter a pin code?

I tried setting this up without the smart things hub and when i am in my devices and click on the newly created eyez-on stay and eyez-on away i do see that Data shows no data found for this device and Current States shows no states found

I’m not sure how you can run a SmartThings device handler without having a SmartThings hub.

Ok that makes sense I’ll go buy the hub. question about the toggle switches for disarming the system will you be prompted with a pin code to disable the alarm ?

This device handler has been written specifically to address the lack of automation within EnvisaLink/EyezOn e.g. to trigger it to automatically disarm before you arrive home etc. Otherwise if you want to trigger it manually you can do it directly with EnvisaLink without needing this device handler or SmartThings hub for that matter,

This is cool!

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Yes it is, and I’ve been waiting for a while for this. Works great with SmartThings, and it helps me integrate with SHM and the use of mobile presence devices as well as my presence sensors.

I set up at PIN specifically for SmartThings, and when the system arms/disarms, EyezOn send me text with the event it performed followed by the user, like this:



No additional hardware is a plus. I have a PI3 running AlarmServer with an EVL-3 and not only is there two way comms but I have access to all the sensors connected to the DSC panel which are fully accessible in SmartThings.

I use the delay built into the DSC alarm for SHM. So darn cool!

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Having the sensors is nice for sure, but that would duplicate things for me, so I’m ok with not having them from the panel. Like your setup though!

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okay so at this point the way you have this set up its to simply automate the arming and disarming of the alarm system with a toggle on and off switch and at this point there is no way to set the toggle switch with a prompt to add a password for disarming the alarm.

I think the only way to be prompted to enter a password is whats suggested below from Rontalley in setting up a raspberry pi with alarmserver and unfortunately this is beyond my knowledge on how to set this up. fingers crossed that one day envisalink will work with smartthings.

Frankly I don’t see the point of having to enter password in ST to arm/disarm. Your access to ST is already authenticated so it’s at least as secure as having to enter a PIN on top of it. It’s like requiring you to sign into your Gmail account with a password, and then having to enter another password/pin each time to view an email.

Okay I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to do or I didn’t do a good job explaining what I am trying to do.

I have a DSC alarm system. The keypad I don’t want this to be at the main entrance of my house. So instead I installed a amazon fire tablet on the wall running action tiles for smart home automation running smart things. I want to use this to arm and disarm the dsc alarm system. If an intruder breaks into my house what you are suggesting they can just touch the tablet on the wall and disarm the system with no passcode which makes no sense at all. What I am trying to accomplish is running the DSC Alarm system using smart things on the action tiles to arm and disarm the alarm system with a passcode. This will eliminate from having the requirement of having an outdated dsc alarm keypad on the wall

See the video above from one of the users Rontally posed which is exactly what I am trying to do. Also I uploaded a photo below of my system


Gotcha ye that makes more sense. Will require a bit more tinkering with the UI/tiles that tbh I’m not well versed in.

In ActionTiles go to the Panel Settings and enable and set up the Panel PIN Code. Then go to the tile that you want to require a pin and under Tile Security change the Security Mode to PIN Protected.

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Thank you so much I didn’t think of that. Finally problem solved. Thanks one again !

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ActionTiles is the Bomb! Also, check out Fully Kiosk running DAKboard as a screensaver. I have FireTablets all over the place running this combo and it definitely gives the impression of a “Smart” Home.

The SmartSwitches with the multiple taps up and down are cool but you have to remember the clicks. With tablets, you just walk up to them and the information is right there for all devices I’m that general area.

Any idea what could be wrong?

change you exit delay from 60.0 to 60. For some reason ST like to do that even though the default says just 60.

That did the trick, that should be included in the setup instructions.

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