SmartThings demands access to Contacts : why?


I am in the process of replacing my old X10 set up with SmartThings. I am using an Acer R11 Chromebook ( compatible with GooglePlay Apps ) to run it. When I try to set up an account, it demands access to my Contacts list. No access, no account. Why? All I want to do is run the lights and possibly the sprinkler system.


(Ben Lebson) #2

It uses your contact book in order to allow push/text notifications used in different SmartApps within SmartThings.


Why does it need it now, and not when I install the app that has the push/text notifications ( and even then I would almost certainly restrict it only to certain contacts ) ?

(Ben Lebson) #4

That’s not how app permissions work, you need to give permission for it to even look at the contacts for you to then select which ones to push to. Not sure why it’s preventing setup without contacts, you could try to go to support if you really want to push it.

(Bill) #5

Alternately you might try setting up a new user on the Chromebook and use that account to setup SmartThings. Once setup you can add yourself as a user within the app. This might accomplish what you are trying to do.

(Wayne) #6

This is how all apps work. I’ve not yet seen an app retrospectively ask for permissions after an install on the phone.


Thank you for the suggestion! I set up a new account, and there’s not a lot they can do with my (deceased) cat’s contact list.

Now all I need to do is make it work. I have an Osram lightify bulb in a desk lamp with the switch of the lamp set to on. The app assures me that contact has been made, but when I click off, nada… The joys of high tech…