Smartthings camera

Just a quick question. Does the smartthings camera motion detect through glass?

I believe it is using passive infrared motion detection which will have problems detecting motion through windows, particularly double and triple pane.

I just didn’t know for sure if it used pixel movement or am actual motion sensor. I was afraid of that.

If you are using a hub you should be able to use an external motion detector to trigger the camera. I’ve done that with a couple of my Arlo cameras to extend the detection range and record motion that normally would be detected by them.


if you can change the detection area, then its pixel based and works through glass (my dlink cameras do)

I have one, and its been pointed out my window through the glass all spring to detect the skunk coming to dig up my lawn for grubs.

The motion sensor works fine through glass and you can set where you want motion detected and where not, in my case just the lawn not tree nearby that can trigger motion when a breeze moves its leaves.

The night vision through glass…the glare is a bit of a issue but workable.