Smartthings button not recognized by Alexa

Unable to get Alexa to recognize Smartthings button, works in Smartthings.

The ST/Alexa integration doesn’t support buttons yet, just switches (which includes bulbs and outlets btw), thermostats, heaters, lockes, motion sensors, and contact sensors, and scenes/routines. What are you trying to use a button for with Alexa?

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It’s not recognized by Alexa.

It doesn’t accept commands, so you can’t have either the ST app or Alexa “push” it for you.

If you want Alexa to do something when the button is pushed, you have to create a virtual switch or sensor, create an ST automation to have the button being pressed turn on the virtual device, and then you can trigger an echo routine from that virtual device being activated.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

What exactly were you trying to accomplish? Or did you just wonder why it didn’t show up?

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Just curious why Alexa didn’t recognise it.
Very interested in your suggestion of a virtual device , how do I create one I can see that would be very useful.

It’s not one of the recognized categories because there’s literally nothing that Alexa can do with it.

The information about creating a virtual device is in the FAQ link that I already gave you. :sunglasses: Here it is again.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?