SmartThings Authorization "Unknown Error"

It’s strange that, if it is the cookie payload, then why does it only happen in Chrome, and not the other 2 browsers I have tried?

I can see it is trying to get to the Samsung account login page. Here’s screen captures of frames of a screen video capture (since I can’t seem to turn it into a GIF):

The second pic is the dots spinning as it is connecting to the Samsung website to present the login screen.

I wonder if this has to do with my phone. It just dawned on me that I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE a little over a month ago. This is probably the first time I had to re-synch Sharptools since the change. I never had a problem before with my previous S20 FE. But then, that makes no sense, because everything else works in Chrome, and I can synch using other browsers or other computers.

I think I may do a full backup and a factory reset. Then just update Chrome from the Play Store, not log in to my account so I won’t get synchronized from my desktop, and see if that works.