SmartThings + Aspire Cooper - NEWBIE

Hi all,

I’m looking to gather some help. So, I recently purchased a home and the previous owner had all these ‘smart devices’ all around. Cameras, nest protect, ecobee, Cooper aspire dimmers, etc. They accessed it all through a SmartThings hub which they also conveniently left for me + all the previous devices.

I’ve figured out how to access and already set up the Nest protect, Ecobee, etc. However, I have NO idea on how to get this Aspire Cooper dimmer part set up. My SmartThings hub won’t even detect it. And if I go to manually add a device, I don’t see any option for these type of dimmers.

Can someone help or simply direct me on what to do? From my research thus far, it seems like there should be some remote and a “master” dimmer to get started. But I have no such remote, and how can I identify the “Master” ? All these dimmers look the same.

I’m simply looking to get these added to the SmartThings hub so I can simply turn the lights on/off from my phone. Or is there some Aspire Cooper individual app I could just use? Any help or guidance would be much appreciate. Thank you all.

EDIT: All the dimmers work perfectly when manually used. I can use the right side of the dimmer to lower/higher the brightness. So everything is functioning properly - just need to get this thing integrated to SmartThings. Help please.

EDIT2: I believe my model is RF9534AW (120V AC / 60 Hz).

EDIT3: From more research, it looks like I may need to purchase the controller to start programming these? Not sure.

You don’t need a separate controller, your smartthings hub will act as the controller.

The Cooper devices are all standard Z wave switches. The 9534 is the master. Cooper calls their auxiliary switches in a three-way a “remote” because it just controls the master, it doesn’t actually control the current. I’m not sure you have the model numbers right, though, because there are a number of different Cooper models which looks very similar. But it might be that one.

The problem is just that they think they belong to the original network, and the network has probably been reset so that you could use it.

You will need to issue a “general exclusion” for each of the individual Cooper devices and then do something physical with that switch to cause it to accept the exclusion. You’ll need to look in the manual, but that’s typically just a particular tap pattern on the switch.

Once the general exclusion has been accepted, then the switch is fully reset, and you can start from the beginning and add it to the hub again.

Hi @JDRoberts - Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I did initially think it was the 9520, but then based on pictures online, my switches look exactly like 9534AW so I thought it’s probably that model.

I’ve been looking through manuals but can’t find any “tap pattern” to try and reset these. Could you please help direct me to something or maybe tell me the tap pattern I can try to do this? Thanks so much.

Also - is “general exclusion” the tap pattern to reset it? Or is that something else? Or is the general exclusion and reset the same thing?

Installation instructions for the RF9534 dimmer and it’s auxiliary the 9542 (which covers pairing to and excluding from a z-wave controller as well as physically installing the device):

Support article on z-wave device exclusion:

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The general exclusion is issued by the hub. Follow the instructions in the link that I gave you to the SmartThings support site and it tells you how to get the hub to issue the general exclusion.

Then, the tap pattern is performed on the individual switch. In this case, these are older switches and it’s probably really simple. Here’s the one for the 9534:

To exclude this device from a Z-Wave network, select the command on your Z-Wave controller for exclusion (Uninstall, Remove Device, Remove Node,
Exclude Device, etc.). Then press the RF Master ON/OFF switch one time to exclude it from the network. The LED will start blinking.

It’s just that instead of “select the command on your Z wave controller for exclusion” you’re going to follow the instructions in the smartThings support article.

So it’s a two-step process.

One. Issue the general exclusion from SmartThings

Two. It looks like you just have to tap the switch once and if the LED starts blinking, the exclusion was accepted.

The accessory switches might not have radios in them, they might be connected to the master switch is with physical traveler wires, in which case they will never show up on the things list in your SmartThings app, but you don’t have to exclude them either. They work by physically pressing the switch on the wall which then sends a pulse along to travelerwire to the master and then the master turns the lights on or off. :sunglasses:

Hi @JDRoberts

YES! It worked … so I did your two-step process, I found which one was blinking … so I guess that’s my “Master.”

I now see that one in the SmartThings hub app - I can turn it on and off from the app.

But, now how do I get all my other dimmers into the app? None of those were blinking. I want to see if I can control them all in the app and somehow make a rule … for instance, the light at the foyer … “Turn this light on after 6pm” so the light turns on when it gets dark outside. That sort of thing.

EDIT: I think I got it. I re-ran the exclusion thing and this time another dimmer started blinking and I got that one added. So I’ll do this for all of them hopefully. Going to try the 3rd one now…

But not sure on the automation scenario I told you above. I don’t see how I can make that type of rule to turn a specific light on at a certain time. Thanks so much for your help, I think I’m almost there…

EDIT2: I’ve figured out the automation via “ROUTINES” — THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP!!!

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Glad it worked!

There are multiple ways to schedule devices in SmartThings, in addition to routines, you should definitely take a look at the official smartlighting feature. :sunglasses:

The following should be of interest:

Thank you @JDRoberts

I’ve been tinkering with the Smart Lighting - it’s good and pretty intuitive.

I’ve got another question for you (and sorry for so many). The home also has automatic blinds through Somfy. I’ve already got all that working and I can use the Somfy App on my phone to control all the various blinds, even the outside awning.

I don’t know how to pair this stuff with SmartThings. It doesn’t seem as simple as the steps you told me before – I don’t know if the blinds can be configured through the “exclusion” method you told me prior. Do you have any experience with integrating Somfy into SmartThings?

EDIT: I did find this article My Somfy-SmartThings Integration which seems to be what I need to do. But I don’t understand the first couple steps to even proceed…

Hi JD, Thanks for your valueable advise. Need your help here. I have installed Aspire RF9534WS, but some how not get connected with smarthub. I followed your instructions, but no luck. I am not seeing blue LED blinking. I see on the bottom yellow LED on the Led row and above that all LED’s are green, when I use dimmer. Both On/off switch and Dimmer is working manually. ( Also,I have connected Load Black to Black and RED+BLUE to other Black on the switch ) Thanks