SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All


A new version of the API Browser+ is now available (Version 230811; just refresh your browser page). It contains the following changes:

  • Improved Child device handling

    • Correct display of all child devices, which have previously been omitted from a driver device list such as Philips Hue
    • Additional child-device-specific detail information available in Device details
    • EDGE_CHILD now available as an option when filtering devices by type (Devices->Devices->Filter)
  • Provides newly available option for creating SmartThings-native virtual switch devices that run local (Devices->Virtual Devices->Create)

    • This capability is currently available through the CLI v1.4.1 for Switch type devices only; (See @TapioX post for more info). API Browser+ now makes it easy for anyone to do this without the CLI.
    • Note that when you create a local virtual switch, SmartThings will install a ‘Virtual Switch’ driver to your hub.
    • SmartThings may or may not expand this ability for local execution to other virtual device types, so I am allowing you to attempt to create local device types other than switch, but for now this will result in an error.
  • Fixed an issue reported earlier with the unused-driver-highlighting of SmartThings-native virtual device drivers such as ‘Virtual Switch’ (@art_333)