Smartthings Android app update v1.7.51.42

ok, i will not but whats going on here? im checking this entire post but didnt understood why mobile phone are now showing itself by “placeholder”

The new presence sensor in the latest version of the ST app now uses the placeholder and not the old groovy mobile presence sensor. There was a change.

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ok thanks for your response!, btw, im still having issues about presence using my mobile phone after re-adding on webcore and updating my piston… its being recognized as “no present” when im here :raising_hand_man:t2: any help?

A little strange but I would check it when you physically leave and return to see if it is updating properly.

I’ve had success with turning off Wi-Fi for a little while and then turning it back on again. It seems to flip the occupancy off and on and the latter will set ‘present’ first.

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it works! Thanks for the tip, right now it’s raining and I can’t go out for a walk…thanks both you guys @jkp

Any luck? Now I’m having same problem

anyone else is experiment same erratic behavior while coming back to your place?

I mean, now every time I cross back my geofence, smartthings triggers a “combo state” showing “presence” + “no presence" + “presence” on a basic IFFTT applet to confirm this erratic behavior…

I give up
I have no solution

Just back and forth with Support…

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