Smartthings and X10

I installed X10 into my whole house in 2007. Now I want to upgrade to Smartthings. Is it possible to send an X10 command to do something on Smartthings? I have the X10 RF Repeater plugged into the wall. When I activate the remote, the rf repeater picks it up and transmits over the houses electrical wiring to turn on light or turn off light. Is there a way that this same rf repeater could send a command to the smartthings hub?

Nope. Not at this time, and I’ve not found anyone working on it. ST would much rather sell you all new devices.

I’m sure I’ve heard to the contrary. I recall that someone did something with X10.

I was in the same situation, but had reliability issues so swapped everything out for Z-Wave devices (none of which are made by Samsung).

One great thing about ST is the open nature which permits this.



If you are a bit tech savvy this can be done (I have it set up and running at home). I would recommend though that you just move to z-wave, it’s a lot more reliable.

I thought smartthings used Z-wave? What controller would you advise for doing what I want to do?

I was replying this question of yours:

The answer is: Yes you can but it’s not easy. The easier route would be to just go with smartthings all the way i.e. replace X10 with smartthings controllers and switches (and yes smartthings uses z-wave and zigbee).

I did exactly what you are looking for. I have been thinking of putting together another similar setup so I can use X10 exterior motion sensors to trigger ZWave. In my case I had an alarm system that used X10 as part of an event sequence. I wanted to send a text to myself if the alarm system were triggered. I happened to have an X10 PUM01 module that I bought for another project. The PUM01 is just a dry contact that is triggered by X10. I purchased an XFM80US relay because it did not require batteries, but anything in the ZWave world that supports external contacts would probably work. So X10 event is triggered, PUM01 set to same X10 codes closes it’s contacts. This causes the XFM80 to send a ZWave command that the switch is closed.

If anyone is planning to use it to interface to an alarm system such as the old Radio Shack alarms, I can go into the coding I did. Since an alarm sequence consists of a pulsing X10 code, you need to make changes to keep from overwhelming Smartthings.

BSA uses an X10 module (PUM01) to control a Z-wave device from an X10 signal. I needed the reverse function (control a X10 module from a Z-wave device, so I used a Powerflash X10 module, triggered by a 12v wall transformer plugged into a Z-wave socket with the 12v output going to the trigger terminals of the Powerflash. Switch the socket on, the Powerflash sends a command (along the electrical wires, not wirelessly) to turn on or off an appliance or lamp module…

I got x10 working with Smartthings and it was easier than anything I have seen so far… I am going to post this on a few of the fours that asked about x10 and smartthings (so some of you may see this post twice) Enjoy my first Smartthings video


Just saw this post - now I know what I’ll be doing tonight :slight_smile:

Have a look at this post too -

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