Smartthings and network/wifi resets

I reset my internet router and wifi last night and noticed 3 devices had issues afterwards. It didn’t notice immediately, first it was a kwikset lock that didn’t lock. I spent an hour removing/excluding and pairing it, this included several z-wave repairs and hub reboots. During those I discovered another device having issues, a couple z-wave repairs solved that. And tonight my Blink camera didn’t turn on properly, the issue seemed with the camera not smartthings, this was fixed by activating it through its own app, which took a few tries. The question after all this detail: do internet/wifi restarts cause these sort of down-stream issues? Should a hub reboot and network repair follow internet/wifi restarts? The blink camera has its own hub, should that be restarted as well?

Normally after a hub reboot everything should just go back to working by itself. The only real issues that I have seen on the forums is sometimes a reboot causing the hub to not reconnect to ST cloud due to lan ip issues. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

A blip in the internet shouldn’t take down your Z-Wave network as long as the power remains on, as those devices remain bound to their parent devices. In the case of your internet being down, you wouldn’t be able to send commands to your devices but your mesh network should remain intact.

I suspect a range/interference issue. How far is the lock from the nearest repeater? How far is that repeater from the Hub? Is there anything in your home that could be causing interference around 916 MHz? Baby monitors and satellite radio are the most common offenders that I’m aware of.

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The lock is about 100 feet and several walls away, but there are repeaters (wall switches and plugs) at about 10 foot intervals between the two. Actually there is a switch within 5 feet of the lock. I don’t have any other radio interference that I can think of. Things were running smoothly for a few weeks, seem ok today.

Glad to hear it’s working better!

Sounds like you have a pretty robust Z-Wave network, and I’m sorry I can’t offer more insight into why you might be experiencing trouble. Hopefully this doesn’t become a recurring issue for you!

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You should set your router to give those devices static IP addresses, if you haven’t already.

My smarthings and Blink hubs you mean?

No. Your router. The device that assigns is addresses to every device on your home network. Depending on your setup, you may have a modem / router combination (usually provided by your ISP) or you may have a router that is separate from your modem.

Yes, I have a separate router but I am not following what device to add static IPs for. The only ST devices that are connected to my network are the ST hub, the August connect, and the Blink hub. I just added static IPs for those because why not.

That’s what I was suggesting (sorry for misunderstanding your question). It’s possible that your router assigned a new IP address to one or more of those devices upon reboot, so this will prevent that from happening again.