Smartthings and echo

I thought that echo now was compatible with smartthings

It is compatible and integrated. What’s the question? Can be used to turn on and off switches, as well as dim them.

It is, but as I mentioned in your other thread, it’s only recognizes lights and switches. Not, at present, locks, Sonos, harmony, pumps, or other devices that might be known to SmartThings.

The good news is that by using virtual switches, anything that you can put into a routine, and many things that you can put into smart apps, can be controlled by Echo.

To Echo it’s just a switch going on or off . To SmartThings, that switch becomes a trigger to do the actions in the routine.

Here’s the basic echo F a Q:

And here’s the one on using virtual switches

[DEPRECATED] 2015 Voice Assistant Run Routine FAQ--see 2017 FAQ instead

Search the forum for any specific device you’re interested in that is not covered by one of those.

SmartThings makes Echo 100 times better, but it can’t change the native discovery process in echo. It can just add functionality on its own side.

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