Smartthings alternative to SkylinkHome "Anywhere" Switch

I’m currently using a [SkylinkHome TB-318] ( and associated receiver module to control an overhead light with no easy way to hardwire to switch (concrete ceilings and whatnot). I’m wondering how to accomplish the same thing, but with Smartthings integration–viz. wall switch that controls wireless relay module PLUS control via Smartthings.

Links to compatible/recommended products would be awesome.

Apologies in advance if I my search skills were insufficient.

There are several options. Here’s a list of possible switches

As for the equivalent of the Skylink receiver, there are number of Inwall relays that can be wired to the switch and are compatible with smart things, including the Aeon micros, Fibaro, evolve, SmartenIT, etc. you can just start with the official compatibility list. They should be wired very similar to the Skylink unit.

Another option that you have with smartthings if you want is to use a smart bulb instead of the receiver unit. That way you could do the whole project without any wiring at all. Hue makes a good white bulb for $15, although it’s best if you also get the $60 Hue bridge ( One Bridge can control up to 50 bulbs). These pretty much work with the same switches as in the first FAQ, but there are some additional options:

Anyway, that should give you a few things to get started with. :sunglasses: