SmartThings account for child?

action tiles is Intended as a dashboard for your system. You can turn devices on and off from it, but you can’t create new rules there or delete devices from your smartthings account. And you can select only the devices that you want to appear, so you can keep the dashboard in the kitchen, for example, from being able to turn off the lights in the bedroom. Or unlock the medicine cabinet.

But I believe they have added more granular controls, @tgauchat Is one of the developers and can say more.

(one of the biggest problems we had with my housemate’s friend, she would just go through and turn off every tile on the device list even though we are three housemates. So they would be going to bed in his room and she would be turning off lights all over the house from the app on his phone. :tired_face: ActionTiles solved that. :sunglasses: )

There’s even a thread just for discussion of hardware and screen customization options: ( Smarttiles was the original version of actiontiles, and was free, but had many fewer features and is no longer available. But the same hardware options apply. )