Smartrules vs Rule machine

SmartRules is iOS only (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for now. We’ve got an Android version in progress, but its not ready yet.

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How do we get SmartRules?
I am not seeing it in the marketplace.

You can get it directly from the App Store:

You can visit the site for more info:

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Thanks! Oh god… it’s $10…
So it functions outside of SmartThings app?

Right, you create the rules in the iOS app. The app communicates with a SmartApp running in SmartThings’ cloud, but you don’t need to worry about that.

There is also a free version where you can try it out with one rule -


I think you meant “Oh god… it’s only $10” :wink:

And for many of us, it functioning outside of the SmartThings app is a selling point :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll respond to the $10 reaction…

If we were to give SmartRules away for free or for a buck, we would have no budget to support or improve the app and likely give up on it very quickly.

This app is for a small, niche market, so we can’t spread the development and support costs over millions of users like other apps might do. I want SmartRules to continue to grow and become the ultimate way for you to automate your SmartThings. We need some budget to do that.

I hope you’ll find that the $10 quickly becomes a steal considering the time this app can save you. I’m always happy to solve any issues you run into and love hearing your ideas for improvements.


And I’ll add that a rules engine like SmartRules is a massive value-multiplier for the rest of your system. What good is a $100 hub, $20 Z-Wave sensor, and a $15 lightbulb if you can’t connect them?



Trying out the Lite app right now.
If it can replace Rule Machine for my needs (since it is now gone) I would be happy to pay $10.

I just didn’t want to pay $10 for an app I couldn’t try.


I’m one of the rule machine users that is looking for alternatives after latest fiasco with ST. I use it for resetting my boiler when it blows out (long story). While i’m trying to get it fixed, I was using rule machine so that we don’t get cold at night when it blows out. Does Smartrules support the following? Couldn’t find it on the website.

If temp on the nest thermostat drops below 66 while heat mode is on, power off one switch, wait 10 seconds then power it on and only do this between 8pm and 8am?

Can something like this be created?

Almost, but not quite. The missing piece is the “while heat mode is on”. SmartRules doesn’t support the thermostat capability yet. It is near the top of the list to be added next, second only to color light control. The other difference would be that for the delay, you would use 1 minute instead of 10 seconds. We don’t allow delays in seconds since SmartThings timing is only really accurate to the minute. With those in mind, here is the rule you could create now:

Thank you Brice. I definitely need thermostat control for this. Basically the way i can tell if it blew out is by heat mode on and temp dropping, this tells me that boiler is not lit. Weather is getting nice so this can probably wait until next season

Do I need to readd devices to the Smart Rules app if I rename stuff in SmartThings app?

No. Devices in SmartThings are referenced by their internal / Object IDs; with very rare exceptions.


Yup, Terry is correct. Thanks Terry.

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I’ll be very interested in this once an Android UI is available. $10 isn’t much to pay for a product that’s commercially supported and as a result is presumed unlikely to take their ball and go home.

It’s going to take me more than $10 of my time to re-do everything I had in Rule Machine, but while I do have an IOS device available to me, I strongly prefer to work in Android wherever possible.

edit: the more I think about this, the more I think the entire Rule Machine situation is kind of hilarious, @bravenel has just handed your organization a huge gift. It’s not often that your primary competitor cedes the entire market to you in a hissy fit.

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II wouldn’t say Rule Machine and SmartRules are really direct competitors. I use both. They targeted slightly different markets.

RM was always on the bleeding edge (for better or worse). The UI was limited by ST, so you had to be a bit of an enthusiast to deal with it. It was always a side project for Bruce.

SR is a different model. Slower, more deliberate development (for better or worse). A much cleaner UI and easy installation. And it’s a paid app, so your expectations of the developer can be different.

Smartthings is a big tent. There’s room for lots of different developers.


Not sure I would classify his response as a “hissy fit”. Also there are a lot of functions that do not appear to be possible (yet) in Smart Rules, so even if an Android version were available I wouldn’t be using it. I’ve started moving my devices over to a local linux-based solution but my Aeon multisensors looks like they will be problematic unfortunately.

I’m not sure what else you could call it. A concern about platform availability has escalated into holding the users of the software hostage in order to score some imaginary points against SmartThings. If you have a beef with ST, take it up with ST. Don’t use me and the rest of the community as a pawn in your game.