SmartLighting App Bug/Issue with Rule Based on Sunrise/Sunset


I am using the SmartLighting SmartApp to control the following zwave devices:
Garage Door Open/Close sensor
GE Z-Wave light swich (operates outside driveway lights)

I have the rule set to turn on the Light Switch when the garage door sensor is in the open position and to turn off the light switch 2 minutes after the garage door sensor is in the closed position. This rule is also configured so that it only works between Sunset and Sunrise (basically all dark hours).

This has been working fine for about 2 months until I came across an instance where I opened the garage door 1 minute before the scheduled sunrise time. Of course when I opened the garage, the light turned on as it should have. I went in the house and closed the garage and after 2 minutes, the lights should have turned off - however between the time the garage opened, the garage closed and the 2 minutes that’s supposed to elapse before the lights turn off, the sunrise time had passed so therefore the lights never turned off.

I feel like this is a bug of some sort, or maybe just missed programming. I would think that since I closed the garage door before the sunrise time, it should’ve still turned off the lights after the 2 minute waiting period even though the 2 minute waiting period ended up being just after the sunrise time.

Hopefully my explanation makes sense, or someone has a workaround as there are many times I arrive home early in the morning and this instance may occur more often.


I don’t know of a workaround within SmartLighting. I’m sure Webcore could handle such a set of circumstances. I have run into your scenario once or twice myself but its so rare for me that I just haven’t worried about it.