Smarthubs on sale... can i use 3 to extend my network?

How far is the garage away from the house? Are you saying you couldn’t put in a Z-Wave Plus outlet/plug on the outside wall of each and not make the connection? Are you in a location that doesn’t get too cold? If so you could probably put in a outlet outside in a weather proof plastic box.

Or just add another hub…they are on sale for $50.

lights have issues repeating. aetoc zwave repeater didnt work, despite a lot of trouble shooting (and i doesnt have a zigbee anyway - am trying to extend both). smart plugs is a no-go for me , because i have a US smartthings in a 220v region. etc… there really should be a wifi or ethernet way to spread the smartthings network… i wish i can buy a few of these $50 hubs and plug them around…

it should be such a simple thing to do too… and its the only ethernet-based way to extend the network…

i am using ST US version in a 220v region… any other ideas?

I also have the same issue… my garage is a seperate building, and i do not have power outlets between my home and my garage to make “multiple hops” to get to the garage. But I do have ethernet/wifi in my garage building

read above… seems like multiple hubs don’t extend the smartthings network…

They dont but it can be a seperate location.

I just stumbled upon this which shows the best way to orient the SmartThings v1 hub for improving zwave performance…

not sure if there is an updated image for gen2

In another topic I posted about a z-wave siren, WA105DBZ-1, that can act as a repeater when power supply is attached. Key point is that the siren uses 12V DC power, not 120VAC… more on that in a sec:

My thought was to use this siren in a weather proof enclosure, and one of two low voltage ways to power it:
1- A 12V battery with solar panel to keep it charged
2- 12VDC power adapter (included with siren), connected to buried landscape light cable , connected to the WA105DBZ-1 halfway to garage. You could test this above ground by cutting the included 12V adapter’s cable and inserting the long landscape cable inline, you could probably even do 2 hops if needed.

DISCLAIMER - I haven’t tested any of this :slight_smile:

can different locations trigger each other to do things? for example, location 1 detects an “arrival sensor” and tells location 2 to turn on a specific light ?

I don’t think so. Not without a in between. Whcih I imagine is possible, a cloud service that polls one site for presence and sends it to another site. Maybe the ActionTiles guys can answer that @tgauchat

With that said that’s why I was asking about the distance. Aeotec makes a Z-Wave plus repeater: With some creative outdoor enclosure (again…depends on temperature ranges) I’m sure you can get something to work.

I WISH they made a Z-Wave and/or Zigbee over Ethernet range extender. I actually trenched a second conduit with Cat-5e and Coax between my house and garage when I pulled the 60-amp service. My problem is putting a hub in there would kill it over the winter or summer because the space is not heated or air conditioned. I can get wireless access points that work under the temperature swings all day long.

I was thinking about sticking another IRIS on an external outlet outside my garage to help but that means drilling a hole and installing it and running conduit inside the garage…which can be done.

@kahilzinger There is a how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an outbuilding which should give you some additional ideas. Although it is mostly discussing US equipment, the principles would apply with other equipment as well. And it does answer several of the questions that have been raised in this thread.

Yes, but the set up is a little complicated. See the how to article in the community – created wiki on how to automate an outbuilding. It discusses a couple of different methods for this.

Thank you for sharing this wiki link. Very helpful. Basically the answer is that i need to perform a cocktail of solutions to get it working = no consumer friendly … i dont understand why smartthings does not consider this? Small commercial applications become much more easy…

The only inexpensive mass market hub that I know that can do this easily for both Z wave and zigbee is wink, but you can’t use custom code with Wink so it’s a much more limited rules engine and you can’t use as many different zigbee and Z wave devices with it.

Every system has pluses and minuses, you just have to find the one that best matches your own needs.

The official answer for SmartThings is probably that if you can’t reach the outbuilding with a repeater, you can’t coordinate devices between the two buildings. (Option 1 in the wiki article.)

But the people in this community are very creative, and they have come up with a bunch of different ways where you can do it. :sunglasses: That’s a testament to the flexibility and versatility of SmartThings, but it doesn’t mean any of the methods are going to be easy. Fortunately, there will always be people in the community who will be glad to help you figure it out.

It’s like super easy to just set up another location. If your home/garage is truly automated then, you shouldn’t be using the app much once you set up the automation rule…

If you “really” need the devices listed on the same app page then make a virtual switch and use IFTTT. However, I have 4 different locations and I do not find too much of an issue changing locations to get to those location devices.

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It looks as though you may have missed the following part of the conversation:

can different locations trigger each other to do things? for example, location 1 detects an “arrival sensor” and tells location 2 to turn on a specific light ?

It is indeed super easy to set up a second hub as its own location if you don’t need it to interact with any of the devices that belong to the first hub. :sunglasses:

But once you want to have a rule that combines zigbee and zwave devices from both locations, things get much more complicated. That’s what the wiki article referred to upthread is all about. If you truly want to extend your main building network to devices in the outbuilding, it can be done, but I definitely wouldn’t call it “super easy.” :wink:

If you just want two completely independent networks in two separate buildings, each with their own separate rules, then, sure, setting up a new location is simple. But that isn’t what we’ve been discussing here.

Awwww…got it. IFTTT works but is too slow if you need things to happen right away. I guess I kinda treat each room as it’s own entity so if that room was in another location then…

However, it seems like the smart folk over at ST should be able to link Hubs? Hmmm why isn’t this a feature now that I think about it?

Read the wiki article. The smart folks in the community have figured out a number of alternatives. :wink: