Smarthome entry/exit delay with audible beeps on Sonos?

We need to have entry/exit delay with 30 seconds worth of beeps.

Is anyone else in need of this as we could use the sonos for the beeps and the alarm

This would be a good application for webCoRE, which allows much more advanced logic than standard apps.

This will probably require 2 webCoRE Pistons (logical scripts).

  1. A simulated door sensor that follows the real door sensor’s state with a 30 second delay.

  2. Physical door sensor triggers playback of a 30 second long beeping track if the SHM is armed.

There are community forums to help you get started with webCoRE:

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I should be able set that up with my SHM Delay app, but without sonos speakers I need a volunteer to test it.

On second thought it appears it may be possible to do this with existing smartapps
SHM Delay TrueExit a real exit delay before arming SHM
SHM Delay for the entry Delay and sensor monitoring
Big Talker for the sounds.

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I am more than happy to do a bunch of testing is you are able to do it.

But is it not possible to have sonos do the sound as I do not have a siren.

Please let me know how you are arming and disarming SmartHome, and any audiio devices you may have, so I may better understand your situation.

Should you prefer, feel free to send a Private Message.

I arm and disarm within the smart app, on the smart home monitor part.

I use motion sensors and door sensors also I use sonos for alarm.


Please provide the text for all the arming disarming messages you currently play and any you would like to have.
Also please explain how and where you are when disarming your system
Thank you

Hello Arnb
I’m using an Aeotec Gen 5 siren to beep when a door or window sensor opens through speaker companion and it also as my alarm through ST. Is there anything you can write into SHMDelay to where we can make the siren continually beep until ST is in disarm mode from exit away and also continuous beeping when armed away until the delay time is finished? I know you have beep this device on entry delay which is great but my siren is able to use different beep tones and would love to have the option to chance the beep tone for that.

For custom sounds and options, use the WebCore smartapp.

Webcore doesn’t seem to work with the SHMDelay for my application or at least it doesn’t work for me. Can you give me an example or how to write it to get it to do something after arm/away is set? I can’t figure that out.

Have not tried it. Maybe easier to clone and rename SHM Delay Talker Child, then repurpose it for your needs.

I have no idea how to write any of these files. I’ll take a look at that but am pretty sure I won’t know what I’m looking at lol