Smarthings and Stringify modes

I have been playing around with Stringify for a few days. Currently I have all my routines setup inside ST, but it seems you can do a lot more with stringify (I like the lights fading on/off)

My question is I usually tell Alexa to turn on goodnight and it triggers ST to night mode turns all lights off. I want to use Stringify since it will fade the lights on/off. If I setup a command in Strinigify for goodnight how would ST know to change it to that mode as well or what goodnight mode to choose?

Typically When working with an outside integration where the mode is not exposed, people just set up a virtual switch which will start a routine which would change the mode.

You can use the same method with any outside integration that can turn a switch on and off.

See the FAQ (This is a clickable link)

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Thank you this was very helpful. I was able to create the switch and add it in Stringify. Now since my Strinigify Alexa word is “nighttime” would I need to change this so it doesn’t match the name of the ST switch?

I’m thinking if I say “Alexa, turn on nighttime” how does it know to trigger Stringify or just turn the virtual switch on in ST?

The echo will come back and tell you that there are two things with the same name, so yes, you should have different names for them In order to keep echo from getting confused.